UK psychotherapists predict 62% increase in mental health in the workplace issues in the next 5 years


A new online service to help employers will launch today in response to the Government’s push for companiesto take greater responsibility for employees’ mental health. (MSB) encompasses free training for nominated mental health company ambassadors and discounted access to online counselling for employees.

It launches as businesses move to protect themselves, and promote workplace wellbeing, in the face of government legislation.

Businesses’ new wellbeing advocate’s arrival is timely as mental health-related employment tribunalscontinue to rise.

Mental health-related employment tribunals are increasing faster than any other employment issue.

MSB’s survey, carried out this week across its psychotherapists’ network, shows a 100% increase in their mental health issues caseload over the last three years with a rise of just short of 60% in the number of workplace-related cases for the period.

All of the psychotherapists who responded predicted the trend would continue, more than doubling over the next five years.

Results showed that therapists found employers to be roughly evenly split between those likely to pay/ not pay for counselling for staff over the last three years, with the number of those willing to invest slightly higher.  Now all businesses will have to comply.

Virtually all of the therapists who responded supported greater help and clearer guidelines for employers.

The new service will also keep employers appraised of the latest changes in legislation.

Employment issues account for the second biggest share of tribunals court time after social security and child support tribunals (51%).* goes on to say that companies that don’t put reasonable provision in place to support a growing number of workers with mental health issues risk punitive fines and legal bills if they are challenged and found wanting.

The service has been set up as a bespoke service to employers where they can sign up to access a 24/7 365online counselling service for employees. Some 200 counsellors are on hand to deliver the service; the only online clinic approved by the NHS.

Mental Health Solutions in Business has been set up by Directors Bernadette Bruckner and entrepreneurial businessman Steve Jackson.  Membership costs from as little as four pounds per employee per year.