Think you know kebabs? Think again as the UK is set to see the doors of its largest ever kebab house open on 21st December. A first of its kind, Kebhouze sprawls over 3 floors on Oxford Street, each packed with everything from interactive arcade games, table football and street art to world-class premium kebabs.

The immersive new store from international brand Kebhouze is full of entertainment, offering shoppers and office workers alike a great spot to grab a bite to eat and chill in the capital.

With a menu full of variety, diners can enjoy Kebab wraps, Kebab burgers and Kebab healthy bowls packed with flavour, whether it be during a lunch break, an evening meal, or even for breakfast. Kebhouze offers four different kebab meats: chicken, veal & turkey, beef and Planted – Kebhouze’s very own pea-protein based vegan alternative.

Kebhouze’s menu offers endless variety, with traditional wraps available alongside burgers, healthy bowls and of course classics such as fries, onion rings and nuggets. Tradition meets innovation on the Kebhouze menu, with a range of unique toppings including bacon, olives and cheddar cheese. For the little ones, Kebhouze offers its Kebby Meal – a goodie box including a mini kebab burger, french fries, soft drink and a special Kinder surprise.

Across the top floor of the UK’s largest kebab house, guests will find a Kebhouze-themed arcade offering free games to keep kids and big kids alike entertained. From arcade classics to its very own foosball table, there’s something for everyone. If that wasn’t enough, the international kebab brand is even developing its very own video game starring Kebhouze mascot Keb to be launched at the beginning of the new year.

Alongside its immersive gaming experience, Kebhouze’s launch store also features artwork by renowned British artist Philip Colbert AKA The Lobster, crafted especially for the brand’s UK launch. Colbert’s 7m long art installation on the second floor combines his instantly recognisable street style lobster with the fiery reds of Keb’s world.

Discussing the brand’s expansion into London, Oliver Zon, general manager at Kebhouze said: “When it comes to the UK, you either go big or you go home. We of course decided to do one better than that and go for the biggest, opening the nation’s largest ever kebab house.

“Unlike the kebabs most Brits are accustomed to, we offer premium ingredients at a low cost, and prioritise variety, so whether you fancy a wrap, bowl or burger, Kebhouze is here to satisfy your cravings.

“Our three floor store on Oxford Street is one of a kind; an immersive kebab house packed with entertainment for all ages. Our mission is to ensure Londoners can enjoy kebab in an entertaining and fun setting – all while keeping costs low and quality high.”

Kebhouze’s London store is its first in the UK after opening more than 24 stores in two years across Italy and Spain.