Understanding The New Supply Chain Partnership Between Unipart And Prenetics


The emergence of the CoronaVirus as a global pandemic has greatly affected the lifestyle of people and the operations of several organizations. The world’s economies have observed a major recession when traveling was restricted, people were asked to quarantine, and companies were sealed. Hence, people started conducting their tests at home that automatically raised the demand for home testing kits.

Who are Prenetics? What is their Role?

Prenetics is one of the leading genetics as well as diagnostic health testing organizations led by the visionary and brilliant entrepreneur, Danny Yeung. It is operational in approximately 10 countries having a team of around 500 members.

Prenetics offers DNA and other blood diagnostics with a home testing facility. Lately, they have introduced Project Screen as another initiative to provide high-quality COVID-19 testing services including sample collections and home testing kits.

Important Facts About the New Supply Chain Partnership Between Unipart and Prenetics

Recently, Prenetics (a health diagnostic company) has collaborated with Uniparts for delivering its COVID-19 test kits and fulfillment services to the customers. Both the companies have signed a contract, according to which the logistics company, Unipart will collect and supply PCR, LAMP tests, and Lateral Flow from their distribution centers located at Oxford.

Prenetics was in search of a company that could offer qualitative services by maximizing their speed and providing the fastest deliveries to people who have ordered with them. They are lucky to have formed a partnership with the leading supply chain and logistics company. Unipart has met the expectations of Avi Lasarow, CEO Prenetics EMEA, by ensuring them with the speed and efficiency of their logistic services. They do not compromise on their duties and bring innovations to transcend their offerings. Prenetics is excited to collaborate with Unipart. Together they aim to produce the best services for their customers with effective communication, mutual understanding, stronger cooperation, and a healthy prolonged relationship. Unipart Logistics has temperature control facilities that will help maintain the quality of the products.

How Unipart is the Perfect Fit For this Partnership?

Unipart is a company offering different manufacturing, automotive, logistics, technology, supply chain, and consultancy services to its customers. The company has its headquarters in England, Oxfordshire, and Cowley and runs its operations within Australia, Japan, North America, and Europe.

The multinational company is known for its ability to deliver top-quality services. It thrives on engaging its clients by offering them high-end, affordable, and fast services. The Chief Commercial Officer of Unipart, Claire Walters, is excited to collaborate with Prenetics who is known for its commendable business strategy that can result in prosperity for both partners. Unipart is looking forward to growing its expertise for Prenetic customers through its enthusiasm for generating unbeatable services, on-time deliveries, and thoughtful consultancies.

Prenetics provide people who are away from physical lab facilities with a convenient and easy-to-use COVID testing solution. These testing kits can be used under different circumstances, such as air travel, sports, on a cruise, and during film and TV productions. These kits provide accurate results and are essential for people to ensure they are safe against deadly viruses.