University Student – How I Earned Money While Studying During College


A lot of people have asked me lately why do I have so much pocket money every month. Actually, I don’t ask my parents for much money, and my original living expenses are almost limited to food, let alone think about buying any expensive things like cosmetics, clothes bags… I usually earn money after studyingl, in the evenings and on weekends, and it doesn’t take my class hour (of course some people may not be able to keep it up, but it’s a great way to make money while in college). Today I’m here to share with you how to get rid of paycheck to paycheck! I’ve tried all these following methods myself, these can really help to make some money and could be done at home. Students, young mothers and everyone who can’t leave the house during an epidemic can try it!

2020/7/3 Updated:

It’s better for college students to make money by using your brains (your knowledges ,particular skills, etc), which means making your labor irreplaceable, and not doing some simple manual job, for example, handing out flyers, working as a waitress or being an essay writer. There is no disrespect at all, any labor that earns money by themselves is honorable, but the return per unit of time is really low and it’s not that stable (and not flexible enough, after all, college students should still focus on their studies)

  • Writing

If you love writing, you can try this job. You can easily make money from home. The newbies can try some emotional, growth and inspirational articles,the demand on which is relatively high, and it is easy to attend without being rejected. I’ve been publishing on 99freelas for a long time, a relatively full-featured site. You can not only publish articles, but also create videos and make web designs. The pay is also reasonable, but it mainly depends on the quality of your articles. Those who are good at writing should have a try.


Rate : ★★★  (The downside is that the inspiration tends to get lost and is it is hard for an active, fun-loving person like me)

②Sale your photographs

I like to take photos a lot, I bought myself a second-hand SLR camera with the money i saved from my writing. I always take photos when I have no class, and post on Instagram and Twitter. Then I found out that I can sell  photos on Getty Images. So, I took out some of the good photos I took before to sale, I didn’t even think that it can give me  $14! Landscape, people and animals, whatever, you can pass the audit as long as the theme is clear, composition is good, colors are bright. It’s better if you know how to render photos via Photoshop. For me, the best sale photos are landscape pictures which I took when I travelled around. It is true that selling photography can bring some income, but do not expect to get rich from this, because many websites require the originality of photos. It means that you can’t sale to other sites. But once you can sell your photos, you will get a great sense of accomplishment! (On the one hand, it’s an affirmation of your photography skill s. On another it’s a pure joy to make money by the photos you take in the spare time, isn’t it~!)


Recommended Index: ★★★★

③E-commerce platforms earn commissions

This is the job that brings me the most income, and I learned this way to make money before on ganhadinheiro website. A lot of people say they can really make a lot of money this way. I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve used it and said that ShopSave is a great app and that it’s a secret magical money-saving platform. I didn’t really believe that it could save and make money, but I still downloaded. Because I think that I’d end up placing my order with AliExpress anyway, there’s no risk of purchases. So, I tried to buy a pair of shoes on ShopSave which was more than $14, and I got a coupon of $11! My god! What’s a magical app! Since then, it takes a special a place deep in my heart and I consider it as my best shopping assistant. Every time I shop at AliExpress I use it! Was smug for myself for discovering such an app lol.

The products on this app are all selected high-quality items with great commission and coupons with high cashback. So if you want to see any types of items, you can just look at them here and you won’t have to look hard on AliExpress (after all, when you search on AliExpress, all you’ll see are items that merchants have paid to promote and display in the front).


But after all, there are limits of products on ShopSave, and more expensive items still have to be browsed on AliExpress. That’s where its most important and worth mentioned point, it plays an important role

【Copy and paste to find coupons automatically with one click!!!】

  1. Copy and share the link of the product you want to buy on AliExpress

2.Return to ShopSave to automatically find coupons

  1. Copy the coupon with one click, wait a few seconds and automatically jump to the product page you want to buy on AliExpress. Then just follow the steps to place your order

It’s really simple and easy to use! There’s no reason to reject it.

Ps: The more items you buy with ShopSave, the higher the cashback and commissions you’ll get.

This is my treasured shopping assistance tool, use it!

I’ve been talking a lot about how to save money, and we haven’t even gotten to the point yet. So here’s how I make money with ShopSave!

What is the best way to earn money? Earn by doing nothing.

At the beginning, I was reselling the product which I bought from ShopSave and earned the gap of price. For example, if you buy a $28 clothing, and get a coupon of $7, then you resell to other by $26, it is to say that you earn $5!

But then I discovered even easier way to make money than this. Which is to invite your friend to sign up for the app so that you’ll get a commission on every future order he/ she places on AliExpress through ShopSave (this doesn’t affect your friend’s coupon and cashback, your commission income is additionally splitted by the platform).

You’ll be wondering why there are coupons, cashback and commissions. (I used to be too, but I get it now.)

Coupon: AliExpress has tens of millions of merchants, many of whom make daily activities, but these activities are hidden! You basically can’t find it. ShopSave, as an official cashback and promotions giving platform. Which is cooperating with AliExpress and has a powerful Backend support. So whenever any of AliExpress’ merchants or products are active, it finds and publishes the latest hidden coupons immediately! And we can get them for free.

Cashback and commissions: merchants often offer a hidden services fee as a commission for the promotion to various channels, and the buyers do not know it. After user purchased a product through ShopSave, ShopSave will share most of that cost with the user, making the Users get more offers and also increase their app’s activity and user engagement, which is cashback and commissions.

It’s a huge business opportunity! Sis and bro!

I invite my friends and classmates to use ShopSave, they save money on their purchases and I also get extra money from the platform! It’s been a really great thing. The first month I got $150+ commission income through their shopping orders, which was amazing for me at that time! It could have been a month’s worth of food for me. Once I benefit from it, I thought about how I could make more money. Then I started promoting it at school, paid to print flyers to distribute, promoted it in the club, and asked my friends and classmates to help me share it to their social media, and then there was a steady stream of people adding my WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter and Instagram. I had a lot of followers and friends all of a sudden, and I was selling the items I bought while laying around earning the commissions that the platform gives me after they place an order. The two ways are working at the same time, so for 2 months of very substantial earnings, I made $500+!!!!

Then I had a really large base of friends on social media and I started to learn how to increase my fan base. I started to create some activities in order to get these friends help me to keep sharing, go to different groups to post, make comments under the posts of celebrities, find channels to buy followers. After all I had my own small team and my income went from $500 for two months into $8000+ per month and my day work was to communicate with them at home or school through the internet.

I don’t have any other concerns because AliExpress is a big and well known e-commerce shopping platform with good policies for goods and services, and a huge population of people who are using it to shop. So, my job is extremely easy and simple, and my income is not a concern at all because as long as they buy products through ShopSave, I will earn definitely.

In fact, this cashback and coupon giving app is essentially a very legitimate job since you advertise for the merchant and the merchant pays you the fee of advertising. Some merchans are investing a lot of money to advertise their new products. Thats how I started my life of making hundreds of dollars per month. After doing it for a long time, the income will gradually increase, and you can also make it your main business if you want.

I’ve heard that there are some of these different types of coupon apps on the market, I’m more cautious, whether from the degree of usefulness or good feeling, I still choose ShopSave, an official cashback and promotions giving platform which is cooperate with AliExpress. The main reason is that there is only this platform at the Brazilian market at the moment, which is convenient to find coupons, reliable and high cashback and commission, you can rest assured that money!

Recommended Index: ★★★★★

All three of the above recommended ways to make money are which I’ve tried myself, and all are guaranteed to be profitable. The first and the third one can be done completely at home, the third one is more fragmented, flexible and comfortable, cause you can make money even on the way to work or to school.

Stop saying you have no money, there are so many ways to make money, won’t you try it?

The last thing I want to say is that the college students are highly educated, but

Don’t do the part-time job that require you to pay!

Don’t do the part-time job that require you to pay!

Don’t do the part-time job that require you to pay!

Repeat the most important thing three times! Repeat the most important thing three times! Repeat the most important thing three times!