‘UNTITLED’ to premiere tonight at London Film Festival


by Jacqui Tucker

Michael Glawogger had the vision of his most ambitious film up to date: to film reality as it appeared in front of his camera to show the poetic wonders of the world. He and his crew embarked in an epic trip through Italy, the Balkans, North and West Africa but 4 months and 19 days into his journey, he died dramatically in April 2014 in Liberia, after contracting the most aggressive form of malaria, leaving this epic project unfinished.

After this tragic event, Monika Willi, Glawogger´s right hand for years and experienced filmmaker herself, decided to take over the project, with the thought that something should become of the material shot over those 4 months and 19 days travelling around the world and extracts from Glawogger’s diary. Monika Willi decided to finish the project they both started together, sculpting a uniquely fascinating film.

‘UNTITLED’ is having a successful tour worldwide through Festivals in Berlin, Madrid and Hong-Kong. Now it has landed in the UK, where it will be premiered at London Film Festival. After the London stop, it will continue its journey to Cambridge Film Festival – where it will be released simultaneously on VoD as part of the ‘Tide Experiment’-  and IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), the world’s largest documentary film festival.