Useful Tips for Hiring an Arborist


Trees are found everywhere and they provide us with many benefits like shade, oxygen, and food while preventing soil erosion and improving the appearance of different places. However, trees need proper care to stay healthy, and an arborist can provide this kind of service. Arborists offer different services like studying trees, tree planting, pruning, tree removal, and treating diseases. To ensure that your trees are always in good health, it is important to hire a professional. So, on that note, read on to learn some useful tips for hiring an arborist.  

Is the Arborist Experienced?

Services like tree cutting and pruning can be extremely dangerous, and they require people with the expertise to handle the task. For this and other reasons, it is crucial to find an experienced and highly skilled arborist to offer quality services. Arborists offer a variety of services, and tree cutting is one of them. Any person can buy a chainsaw and begin to distribute adverts about tree removal services. However, it is very risky to work with these people even though they may charge lower fees for their services. 

A professional arborist should have the experience and appropriate equipment to use for different services. Inexperienced tree service providers can pose a danger to your safety which can also result in the loss of thousands of dollars. Feel free to ask the arborist the number of years they have been in practice.   

Is the Arborist Licensed?

The other important thing that you must do is establish if the arborist is certified or licensed to operate in this field. The company you hire must have a valid contractor’s license for operating in your local area.  The California-based professionals at A&J Tree Service explain that when an arborist becomes certified, they should be recognized as having acquired knowledge in different areas such as diagnoses, biology, safety, and maintenance practice. Certification offers a measurable assessment of different individual’s competencies and knowledge required for proper tree care. Licensed companies also provide warranties for their services to protect the interests of the consumers. 

Ask for Proof of General Liability Insurance

It is vital to ensure that the arborist has general liability insurance and worker’s compensation before you hire them to perform tasks like tree cutting. A bonded contractor will allow you to challenge their services if you are not satisfied. General liability insurance also helps to protect your property. Damages can arise as a result of different activities involved since the task involves a lot of risks. 

The contractor you hire should also have worker’s compensation to protect their employees against issues like injuries while working inside your yard. If the company does not have valid insurance, that will be a big risk since you will be responsible for any damages to your property or injuries that happen at your property. Choosing contractors with cheaper fees can sound like a good idea, but it can be costly in the long run. Uninsured companies usually lack experience, and they can do a shoddy job at your home. As a result, you can end up paying double the expenses should anything bad happen at your property. Ask for proof of insurance before you hire a contractor to protect your interests. 

Cost of Hiring an Arborist

You must have a basic understanding of the costs of different services offered by the arborist in your local area. Your location can determine the overall cost, so it is vital to deal with local arborists. The complexity of the task also determines the total amount of money that you can pay for the job. Therefore, you need to shop around and try to get service providers with the best rates. Remember to look for experienced and reputable service providers. 

Customer Service

Above all, you should try to establish the level of customer service offered by the tree service. Try to choose a company that offers satisfactory services to the customers. You can check customer reviews about specific arborists to gauge what other people think about them. Referrals can also save you the hassle of looking for a professional arborist if you want to hire one.   

As mentioned above, trees play a crucial role in our lives like providing oxygen, shade, food, improving the aesthetic appearance of a location, and preventing soil erosion. That’s why trees require special care that only certified arborists can offer. When hiring an arborist, consider their experience, licensing, whether they have general liability insurance and the cost of the service. Note that it is essential to shop around to get the best arborist to protect your property and save money.