Using paper cups in your Business? Then Choose Limepack as Your Supplier


Do you own a business that deals with to-go beverages? If so, you should always be strategic when buying paper cups for the drinks.

With your paper cups, you have the opportunity to both underscore the professionalism of your business and get free advertising. But this requires that your paper cups are of high quality, attractive, and support your company’s visual identity. It might sound like a bit of a task, but Limepack can help you.

At Limepack, they specialize in providing you with the perfect packaging for your business. Read on to find out why Limepack is the right choice for your business.

An aesthetic design created by experts

To make your paper cups stand out, you need to create a design for them. The design should match your company’s visual identity, meaning the same logo, colors, and font type. However, this is not a task you need to tackle yourself. Instead, you can confidently leave it to Limepack.

At Limepack, a razor-sharp team of design experts is ready to execute the task for you. Once they have created a design, you also have the opportunity to view it in 3D. This makes it easier for you to assess how the final design will look on your paper cups.

Keep costs down with Limepack’s price guarantee

When you shop at Limepack, you don’t need to worry about the price level. They always give you a 105% price guarantee. If you find the same packaging at a cheaper price with another retailer, Limepack will match this price. Not only will the price be matched, but you will also get 5% of the purchase price refunded.

Therefore, you are always guaranteed the absolute best prices on the market when you choose Limepack as your supplier.

Free delivery in no time

You should always have a full stock of paper cups. Only this way can you always be sure that you can deliver the goods to your customers. They fully understand this at Limepack. Therefore, they always offer you lightning-fast delivery.

The delivery is not only fast but also free for your business. This means that you can completely erase the expense item for the shipment of paper cups. This is undoubtedly a relief for your company’s finances.