Vagina’s come in all shapes and sizes, as one takes centre stage in Camden for Valentine’s Day


Whilst February 14th is most often associated with love and romance, this year Camden Market will play host to a very different kind of V- day. Helping us all love our vaginas, a special art installation composed of over 800 roses in the shape of a vagina will be on display.

The work of Aesop, a creative agency, Modibodi, the leak and period proof apparel brand and the Vagina Museum. Members of the public are actively encouraged to pluck a flower from the lady garden as they pass by.

In 2020, messages of body positivity are beginning to break through, however the prominence and constant exposure to both social media and internet porn are making more of us question what exactly is “normal”. Whilst positive messages about weight, shape and race are gaining media prominence, there is still a giant taboo surrounding conversations about the Vagina. This Valentine’s Day, we want to swap the vagina shaming for vagina praising by repurposing roses for an eye-catching installation outside The Vagina Museum in Camden, London’s latest hotspot for all things body.

With girls as young as 9 voicing a desire to have surgery to change the look of their labia, and a subsequent 200% rise in labia surgery in the last 10 years (1), there’s never been a better time to open conversations.

The Vagina Museum, which opened in 2019 in Camden Market, has been doing just that. The museum exists to ensure that no one is ashamed of their bodies and wants to break the stigma around gynaecological anatomy. In collaboration with Modibodi, the flower wall has been designed to encourage conversations around what a normal vagina looks like. And the answer is, everything. Designed to incorporate 800 individual flowers to form the shape of a vagina, no two are the same but each one is beautiful, and members of the public are invited to take a rose and pass it on to a friend or keep for themselves.

Zoe Williams, Development and Marketing Manager on behalf of The Vagina Museum highlights the importance of the installation and opening discussions – “Without positive and realistic representation and conversations it’s easy to feel like you’re not normal and you’re alone in the world.

Half the world has a vulva, and everyone’s is different, and that’s okay. We need to destigmatise vulvas and celebrate this perfectly normal part of the human body.”

Open to the public from dawn until dusk on February 14th , the installation can be found outside

The Vagina Museum at Unit 17 & 18 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AH.