Val Cortez – Journey From a business woman to a Social media Star


Traveling, modeling, and business may be three different worlds, but Val Cortez experienced all three of them but discovered her true passion and skill during this journey.

You might think that a successful social media influencer youfollow would have always been a model and a traveler, but that’s not true. Val Cortez has a journey of struggle between her officelife and the passion of traveling. So, let us take you all to thewhole life journey of your favorite Instagram travel influencer.


Val Cortez was born in Lima, Peru but then moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she grew up and discovered herself. There she studied occupational health and safety. But the big dreams, the passion of being independent and boundlessly strong, made her step into the business world. So, at the age of 26, Val Cortez started her own business of eyelash extensions.

At first, she started with a small space and limited resources. She made a setup in her living room, where she would work on her clients. But with time, the hardworking and talented lady made her name in the world of beauty and lash extensions. She became so popular in this field within populous Buenos Aires that she would have a swarm of clients every day. And with that, finally, she was able to establish her little lash room that was much needed to accommodate all her clients. Her work was recognized and appreciated, and she won the first prize for classic lashes in the First Latino American lash convection.


But Val Cortez’s success story doesn’t end here. She was successful and independent, but something was missing in her life that she always wanted to do, for which she worked hard and established a successful business, that was traveling. Val Cortez has always been passionate about traveling; she became independent so that she could travel the world. But her thriving business held her feet. The more it was expanding, the more it needed her presence. It made Val Cortez so busy that her love-for-traveling was lost somewhere. The new cultures, new people, variant languages, and diversity was something she enjoyed the most and was missing in her life.  

Finally, she got a chance to live her dream of traveling and made her first trip to Europe when her national football team qualified for the World Cup in 2017, after 30 years of facing disqualification. And that was something Val Cortez couldn’t miss and utilized those two years’ savings she had kept for traveling. She somehow managed to spare some time from her busy schedule and made some compromises on her business only to make her dream of traveling come true. She didn’t waste any more time and bought tickets for Russia, just two days after the team got qualified for the world cup. Ah! Do you feel that enthusiasm and passion Val Cortez have for traveling? That’s thepassion we all need in our lives to make our dreams come true.


This trip to Russia became the turning point of Val Cortez ’s life. After having the best time of her life in Russia, Val Cortez couldn’t adjust to her normal, busy life and remained sad and depressed and used to miss traveling that includes exploring new places, meeting different people, and learning about their cultures. Val Cortez realized that her happiness is not in the successful-business she is running, but all her contentment and happiness are related to traveling and socializing. Val Cortez started searching for different things she could do that would include traveling or meeting travelers. And during all this search for happiness, she discovered a live streaming worldwide app that connected people from all around the world who would talk about things they are passionate about and make friends of similar interests. Val Cortez would go live every day and talk to people all around the globe. She enjoyed doing this, and talking to her audience would make her happy and excited. And Val Cortez, being her talented self, became popular in this field too, and reached the number one place on the popularity chart of the app and earned so well from the app.


After discovering her talent for socializing with people and earning well through it, Val Cortez realized that this work wouldn’t cause any hindrances in her passion for traveling. She would be able to connect with her audience from anywhere in the world. After a few months, Val Cortez decided to take this huge and bold step of closing her business and become a social media sensation. She started working on her social media presence, adopted creative ways of increasing her audience, and became a popular social media influencer. She started with 12k followers on Instagram in 2019, and now she has 960k people following her and praising her work. By her passion for traveling, Val Cortez shows her audience the different parts of the world and spread positivity among people.

So, this self-taught social media star you are following didn’t have everything on her plate. But she discovered herself, worked hard, learned different social media tactics and conditions all by herself, and became a successful digital nomad.