Virtual Escapes: 7 Best Digital Games to Try


Every year, different virtual games would trend and dominate the online gaming space. In January 2023, approximately 3.09 billion internet users were active video gamers. This could be proven through the growing communities of online gamers on popular sites like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and MataCafe, among many others. fortnite

This 2023, let’s explore which games have a high volume of patrons among the diverse segments of gamers worldwide. Let’s see if these digital games are a must-try!


Valorant is undeniably one of the most popular digital games in 2023. The growing popularity of this game is mainly because it’s free. While there are in-game purchases, you can play on an international platform without spending a dollar on Valorant. It also has a highly competitive environment since you only have one life and no chance to respawn when you get killed.

With Valorant, you can also improve your gameplay by selecting suitable agents. Each one has its power, like reviving a teammate, surveillance, releasing toxins, and scouting, among many others. You must consider their abilities and form a team with the ideal agents for your best gameplay!

You also have the choice between competitive mode and unranked mode. The competitive mode boosts your rank and crashes enemies as you play. With the unranked mode, you can just engage in games to test your skills.

Online Slots: Ninja Ways

Slots is one of the most popular table games enjoyed by many casino players since 1891. Today, many online versions of this table game have been developed, and Ninja Ways are by far the most popular online. The game promises lush graphics and attractive animations.

In addition, many bettors love Ninja Ways because you can start playing the game with as low as 0.20 coins. There are many guide to table games online that you can refer to. Or, you can just try the demo mode of the game.


Fortnite features 200+ skins and characters for different Points of Interest (POIs). Fortnite has all these daily challenges if you’re fascinated with immersive and creative storylines. It also features an adventurous looped island you will be eager to play on.

This free game is also famous for its wide range of weapons and items. Many of these items are even inspired by Star Wars, DC, Marvel, and many more!

You can also enjoy the creative mode, where you can design your games and maps for others to play online. It also has a unique in-game design that continuously draws in more players.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is at another level of quality compared to other free-to-play adventure games. The game has lots of lands to explore with its massive map. There are lots of puzzles, collectables, world quests, wondering bosses, and dungeons to explore and conquer. There are also multiple playable characters in the game, and the character designs are unique and easily distinguishable, enabling players to identify characters at first glance.

As you unlock characters, you can also upgrade their base level and slots and acquire weapons and tools that can be upgraded as well. The game also has frequent updates making sure the player count is stable and growing.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is released in 2012, but the game remains relevant and popular today. The game has many modes to choose from. You can enjoy offline training with bots, deathmatch, casual matchmaking, competitive matchmaking, war games and wingman. Another reason why many are playing the game is because of real money! By trading cosmetic items, you can bring in an instant payout. Rare skins guaranteed higher prices in the market.

This game is also competed in bigger arenas. The prize money in esports tournaments can be enormous, so investing in your skills can bring you money in the long run!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

If you love Fortnite, you will also definitely love PUBG. This game costs $29.99 for desktop, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Compared to Fortnite with cartoon-style graphics, PUBG features more realistic visuals. More than this, the shooting in this game is more accurate and realistic. The map in PUBG is also vast, and players have to spread out farther and complete the match in long durations. Moreover, PUBG features realistic vehicles that players can ride to navigate the large area!

World of Warcraft

Released in 244, World of Warcraft has become one of the most hardcore genres. There is no right or wrong way to play this multiplayer online role-playing game. You can grind for quests for hours or explore player-versus-player content for as long as you can. You can even go fishing for long periods. The dragon-riding is also one of the most wonderful features of the game. This allows you to explore and traverse the terrain quickly. Lastly, the game is continuously releasing updates, so you can enjoy tons of new content as you play!


From free-to-play games to versions that work through paid subscriptions, there are a lot of reasons to explore these digital games in 2023. By researching more about the diversity of themes, settings, and gameplay mechanics, you can pick the best game you can play and find your one digital escape in today’s world.