VQ set to bring a collection of breakfast cocktails to London


Champions of the all-day breakfast, VQ, are launching a collection of breakfast cocktails in collaboration with American Cereal Club. A whopping 2.7 billion boxes – enough to wrap around the earth thirteen times – of cereal sold every year, so why not get your fix in the form of a cocktail?

Yes you read that right – breakfast cocktails, launching on National Cereal Day (7th March). The tipples will be available for a limited time only, until 22nd March across the capital at VQ’s 5 café and bars.

A succinct selection of 4 handcrafted cocktails will be on offer, including:

The Morning After, £9.95
An indulgent mix of cereal rum, baileys, Frangelico, apricot brandy with double cream and caramel syrup for good measure

Cereal Milk White Russian, £9.95
A lip smacking concoction of Marshmallow Mateys infused vodka, with cranberry and lemon juice

Floss Martini with Marshmallow Vodka, £9.95
Delicious Kahlua and vodka, with Marshmallow Mateys Anchor infused cream, topped with whipped cream and a garnish of Marshmallow Mateys

Avocado Smoothie, £5.50
An eclectic blend of cloudy apple juice, milk, caramel syrup, grenadine, cereal mix and avocado.