Ways to Make the Most of Your London Business Trip


London is one of the most diverse cities in the world.

Being the capital of the UK, it hosts some of the most highly acclaimed restaurants, clubs, events and attractions that are known around the globe.

It is a highly urban area on the whole, with protected green spaces which break up the metropolitan feel of the city, but there is something astoundingly magical that happens to London between the light and dark hours.

From the business exterior that London prides itself on during the day, where the city is all about money, trading and culture, after dark, however, the city transforms into the most incredible place to be for nightlife.

From the theatrical buzz of the West End that is packed with theatres and high-end bars and restaurants to the trendy hubs of the south of the city, such as Shoreditch and Camden, where you can find the widest variety of cultural food and entertainment with the most inclusionary and buzzing atmosphere.

So when you are in London on a business trip, where do you go and what do you do to make the most of the business trip as a whole?

Let’s have a look at some of the fantastic things there are to do in London to make your business trip the best it can be!

Places To Visit On A London Business Trip.

When in London, there are certain places you should try and visit at night that will give you the best experience of the city once the workday is done, such as:

  • Visit the London Eye for a night flight for panoramic views of the city at night. The London eye is famous for having the best view of the city at dusk.
  • Grab some company from a London Escort and head to the area of Soho for all night dinner, drinks and dancing
  • Visit the Southbank area of London for early evening drinks and culture with a perfect view of the river Thames.
  • Visit Leicester Square on a premier night to stand by the red carpet and watch the celebs flock to the square, then finish off the night in the late bars and clubs in the area.
  • Take a boat tour on the River Thames. There are so many river services that can take you the length and breadth of the river so you can see the city from the waterside.

Where has the best nightlife in London?

London literally transforms into a vast hub of nightlife when the day turns into darkness, but certain districts are better for certain types of nightlife, so it all depends on what you prefer!

  • Greenwich, which is famous for the O2 arena, is a buzzing hub of nightlife, especially on nights where there is an event inside the dome.

Surrounded in a semicircle of mainstream bars and restaurants, you have everything you need all under one roof, including the Indigo bubble, which is a party venue inside the arena for the smaller events.

  • Knightsbridge & Chelsea have the higher class after-dark vibe, where you will often see celebs frequenting the Michelin starred restaurants and fancy cocktail bars in the district.

Still, with a buzzing nightlife, you will find these areas are more champagne and stilettos, with the prices of the area reflecting the fact that they are two of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in London.

  • Camden & Brixton are the areas that are growing in popularity and have become the place to be seen for culturally diverse nightlife experiences as well as the Indie crowd.

Based south of the River Thames, these nightlife areas have the most unusual areas for nightlife venues, such as old abandoned warehouses that are used for club nights, as well as late venues that are built into railway arches.

These are such diverse areas, and this is reflected in the restaurants and the music genres that you can find here, so if you are looking for something unique, head here!

  • Leicester Square, as mentioned before, is the entertainment hub of the capital and hosts some of the world’s most famous chains of restaurants and bars, as well as being the place to be on a premier night to watch the celebs flock down the red carpet for an opening of a movie.

Once you are here, you could literally stay here all night as Leicester square has everything you will need to make your night complete, such as bars, restaurants, and clubs, as well as places that offer an early breakfast when you roll out of the club in the early hours!

  • West End.

The West End of London is dubbed ‘Theatre Land’ and is packed to the brim with theatres hosting the most recent and popular performances, everything from ‘The Woman in White’ to ‘Shrek The Musical’.

Along with the theatres, there are some of the oldest and most notorious bars and restaurants in the country, which all have the buzz of “curtains up” about them, which is a fantastic atmosphere if you love the theatre!

Be sure to visit some of the smaller theatres if you can to support their shows and casts!

London is such a fantastic city to explore on foot, on the tube, or in a London cab, so when your workday is over, head out and see all the fantastic things London has to offer!

There is so much to do in London that we couldn’t possibly write it all here!

It has such a diverse range of things to do and it caters for every walk of life, from the indie coffee lover to the person who likes to party hard and never sleep!

To make sure you make the most of your business trip to London, do some research before you go and find the places and things to do that will give you the best experiences to take home when the business trip is over.