West London NHS Trust’s Jubilee ward welcomes innovative dementia care technology


A magic table, designed to stimulate people with dementia, has just been installed in West London NHS Trust’s Jubilee ward at St Bernard’s Hospital.

The magic table is an award-winning innovation from the Netherlands. It is a series of fun, interactive light games, that can be projected onto any table, and is designed to help those at the later stages of dementia to be more active and create moments of happiness.

The installation of the magic table at Jubilee ward and The Limes was funded by a successful bid for £24,840 from the Trust’s Charity.

West London NHS Trust’s Service Manager for Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Services, Melanie Barlow said: “We are really lucky to have been able to get this piece of technology for the benefit of our patients, thanks to the Trust Charity. We have also had a magic table installed at The Limes nursing home in Southall and its being put to good use.”

“With an ageing population, we are continually looking for new and innovative ways to stimulate our patients and reduce social isolation. This is a simple and effective way of bringing our dementia patients together with others, including their families and carers.”

Trust Charity Member, Dr Nick Barber added: “It’s great to see how the money raised by and for the Trust Charity is being used for the benefit of our patients. Seeing the patients playing with the magic table, and seeing them making a connection was fantastic!”

Chris Baird from Shift8*, who manufacture the magic table, said: “We are really pleased to see how much of a positive impact the magic table has had on the patients in West London already, as it encourages instinctive participation, stimulating physical, cognitive and social activity. The games encourage players to reach out towards the projected images, which respond to hand and arm movements, allowing them play with light.”