What a Man Should Know About Women: The Main Secrets


Human relations is a rather complex and multifaceted sphere. This is especially true for the interaction between men and women. People of different genders do not always understand each other, even if they already have sufficient experience in relationships.

It is true for men since they are not very interested in the psychology of the opposite sex. Instead, they often resort to sexodubai.com services when they travel. But if you want the relationship to develop harmoniously, then you should think about this issue. In general, it is pretty easy to understand what a man should know about women. Several nuances are of considerable importance in this regard.

1.  Women Can Not Stand Making Decisions

Any representative of the gentle sex wants to have a strong man next to her, who will decide everything himself. Therefore, if it comes to discussing joint issues, do not wait for answers from a woman. In the family, the man takes the leading position.

2.  Women Need to Feel an Emotional Connection with a Man

Men are very pragmatic creatures. Because of this, they forget that women are mostly guided by emotions. Representatives of the beautiful sex want to constantly communicate with a partner, to be interested in his affairs, to spend time together. Many women are offended if a man withholds details about his business.

3.  Women Have a Specific Attitude to Time

It is a woman who usually remembers the dates of the first date, kiss, sex. A man does not store this information in his memory and sometimes completely forgets about important events. This offends the woman, and even if she does not show it, she is probably upset. Maybe you should create a reminder in your phone or mark significant days in your calendar? This will help smooth out the rough edges in the relationship and make your life partner even happier.

4.  Women Are Very Good at Feeling False

A girl with almost one hundred percent guarantee can recognize a lie, even if it seems to a man that he has not slipped up anywhere. Wrong intonation, strange gestures, unusual behaviour… A woman can pay attention to anything. And even if there are no specific signs, then intuition will work. Therefore, it better not to deceive women if there is no special need.

5.  Women Want to Feel Safe

Historically, a woman takes care of the hearth, and a man hunts a mammoth and protects a cave. Of course, now sabre-toothed tigers will no longer penetrate through iron doors and plastic windows. But in psychology, nothing has changed much. A woman wants to feel like she is behind a stone wall, not behind drywall. She wants to be sure that if problems arise, the life partner will solve them. This nuance is crucial in the question of what a man should know about women.


All the above allows you to get to know women better so that the relationship will become even more harmonious. Any girl will appreciate the correct male behaviour and will be even more drawn to her partner.