What are nootropics?


The term “nootropics” is an umbrella term that encapsulates a wider breadth of products that are used to enhance cognitive function in humans. Nootropics can range from the caffeine in your morning cup of coffee to a supplement that you take to recover from brain trauma.

Some nootropics are natural and others are manmade or synthetic. Synthetic nootropics are available in pill form from a variety of retailers. While natural nootropics are plant-derived and fungi-derived such as ginseng, lion’s mane, green tea, and bacopa monnieri. Natural nootropics are much safer and don’t produce side effects. Healthy energy drinks and snacks that are blended with natural nootropics on https://xiteyourmind.com give an added boost while being healthy for the body and brain.

In general, people take nootropics to improve their memory or boost their creativity or motivation. Nootropics can also help manage symptoms that result from more serious brain damage or surgery.

The term “nootropics” is often interchanged with the term “cognitive enhancer.” But, while nootropics do enhance cognitive skills, they are much more specific than the general term “cognitive enhancer.” To help you decide which nootropics are right for your, please read this review about neuriva vs prevagen
so you could make a better decision.

To qualify as true nootropics, a substance has to meet  a set of criteria that was set by the person responsible for coining the term nootropic, Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea. The criteria includes enhancing the brain’s ability to learn and remember, helping the brain function when it’s subjected to disruptive conditions, and having few or no side effects. It must also be non-toxic or nearly non-toxic.

Popular forms of nootropics

There are a lot of substances out there claiming the name of nootropics. Choosing the best one for you will depend on why you want to take a nootropic in the first place. Here are a few popular forms of nootropics that are safe and non-toxic, so you can take them every day to improve your cognitive function:


People take Noopept® to improve their memory recall and their ability to learn. It works during all phases of the cognitive process, starting with the initial step of processing information and ending with recalling information. It can prevent amnesia from developing, along with the blockage of central cholinergicstructures, glutamatergic receptor systems, and the deprivationof the paradoxical sleep phase.

Along with all the cognitive enhancing properties of the substance, Noopept also has an antioxidant effect. It can reduce headaches and improve blood flow.

Noopept has a neuroprotective effect, which means that it can increase your brain tissue’s resistance to damaging events and effects, such as trauma or hypoxia. When taken regularly, Noopept can lessen the degree of damage your brain neurons take when they experience trauma or other distress.

It has also been shown to prevent the death of neurons in the cerebral cortex.

People usually start to see effects from taking Noopept within five to seven days of starting treatment. Within 14 to 20 days, people see a dramatic improvement on their cognitive functions, including their attention, memory, and ability to learn and recall information.

You should plan on taking Noopept with food to avoid nausea and other complications. It can cause sleep disruption in some people, so it’s advised to take it before evening to allow for a full night’s rest. People usually take Noopept for about one and a half to three months.


Semax is taken throughout the world by healthy people who want to improve their concentration, memory, and overall mental performance. It can be useful for dealing with stress, chronic fatigue, and mental fatigue.

Elderly people who take Semax have found that they can maintain their intellect and memory, which can improve their quality of life and help them live happier, healthier, longer lives overall.

In addition, Semax can restore brain processes that have beenweakened by illness by causing a natural synthesis of new regulatory compounds inside the body.

Semax can also be used by patients who have endured traumatic brain injuries and neurosurgical operations, along with those who have brain disorders.

People with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity can find relief with Semax, since it can help increase attentions pans and perseverance. It can help people become more resistant to stress and be better able to comprehend new information.

Though it’s primarily used for cognitive brain enhancement, Semax can also be used in ophthalmology. This is because human eyes have an identical tissue structure as the human brain. Semax is used to treat glaucoma as well as atrophy of the optic nerve.

Semax treatment only runs about 10 to 20 days, and you’ll see improved memory for up to six months.

Whether you are recovering from a brain trauma, or you just want to have better cognitive functioning, nootropics can help your brain function better.