What are the disadvantages of Hollywood Smile?


Undoubtedly, the Hollywood Smile dental procedurehas restored many people’s confidence. However, the worry that a Hollywood smile treatment will have someside effects and disadvantages is not far-fetched. Meanwhile, there are several articles about the pros ofthe Hollywood smile treatment, but you would rarelyfind any discussing the cons

Does it mean that the Hollywood smile has no disadvantages? No matter how good a thing is, it mayhave a few cons. Although Hollywood smiles havesome disadvantages, there are many more pros. 

Cost of Hollywood smile

One of the constraints for people who want a Hollywood smile is the cost of the treatment. Hollywood smiles have always been expensive. In the past, only celebrities and movie stars could afford them. Although a Hollywood smile costs between $3,000 and $5,000, at Vera Smile, few people can barely afford it

Loss of natural tooth shape

The natural tooth will be tampered with. However, thisis not entirely a con since your tooth shape will be straightened. Meanwhile, reshaping your tooth couldbecome a disadvantage if it is not done properly orcauses discomfort. Therefore, you need to meet expertsbecause losing your natural tooth shape during a Hollywood smile is not supposed to cause discomfort.

Patronizing quacks

If you patronize a quack to carry out a Hollywood smile, you may loss your teeth and even suffer somediscomfort. Hollywood smile is expensive butpatronizing a quack will put your dental health at risk. You should opt for the services of an experienceddentist to carry out the Hollywood smile. In otherwords, save up and seek the services of the best dentistin your area instead of meeting quacks.


The best way to have the best Hollywood smileprocedure is to engage the services of the best dentist in your area. Don’t compromise your dental healthbecause you want to save some money. A Hollywood smile is supposed to improve your dental health and notcause you pain. It will be a smooth ride with the righthands administering a Hollywood smile treatment.