What Are the Most Popular Themes for iGaming Platform Design: From Pin-Up to El Dorado


The selection of themes is one of the important aspects in the ever-evolving realm of iGaming platforms. It is an important feature due to its significant role in the process of attracting potential players and retaining them. Website themes set the tone for the gaming experience and also evoke nostalgia, emotions, and excitement. Overall, platform design is mostly responsible for shaping the user’s journey within the walls of a virtual casino.

From classic motifs that can remind you of the glamorous allure of pin-up aesthetics to the mystique of ancient legends like El Dorado, the diversity of themes available in iGaming goes on and on. Many online casinos like 7Slots boast popular and innovative themes that tend to drive player engagement in the competitive landscape of online gambling.

Let’s take a look at some artistry behind the designs of iGaming platforms and their influence on player experience.

iGaming Platform Design Mechanisms

When building a virtual gambling space, programmers do not solely focus on the visual aesthetics of the website. Another important aim they pursue is making it easy to navigate the platform by incorporating a seamless UX design. This is because there is a lot to consider when it comes to designing the interface of an online casino. There is no room for making the wrong choices as this can affect the user’s experience and cause serious consequences like fewer visits from players.

Designers usually aim to create a good first impression when designing a virtual casino. Therefore, they pay rapt attention to the details as each one counts in attracting players, retaining them, and making them feel secure and comfortable. It all begins with:

  • The right color scheme;
  • An intuitive wagering process;
  • Smooth navigation;
  • A stress-free registration.

All of these are factors that influence whether a player will remain a one-time visitor or a loyal customer and member of the casino.

Visual Appeal

This is one factor that can make or mar an online casino and you should know that some platforms miss the mark. The wrong visuals can turn players away even before they get the chance to explore other incentives and offers available on the site. These days, players are offered a feast for their eyes, and this is done with a couple of simple steps. They are as follows:

  • Color Combination: Designers who know what they are doing usually stick to simple hues and combine just about three to four of them. They also ensure that these colors dominate the entire interface in multiple variations. Since the design needs to be attractive and captivating, warm and bright color tones are preferable in comparison to acidic and harsh ones. Even though we know that flashing and bright lights work perfectly for land-based locations, they don’t fit well in the realm of iGaming;
  • Text Visibility: The text needs to be highly visible so that players can easily see and follow instructions on sign-up and deposits. A big font size and color that is different from the background will make these instructions or wording pop out;
  • Animated Icons: To make the interface fun, many designers make use of animated characters following specific themes. For instance, you will find pin-up, mythical (Zeus, Athena, Cleopatra…), modern, and fantasy (Superman, Wonder Woman…) characters. All of these add to the allure and charm that draws players in and makes them curious enough to test things out;
  • No Blaring Audio: There will be enough sound effects once players choose a game. Hence, audios are skipped when it comes to the home screen. This way, users can enjoy the aesthetics and get information in peace;
  • Good Logo: A good logo tells you how fun, edgy, sophisticated, and exciting the casino will be. This is why casinos focus a lot on ensuring that it turns out excellent. While designing the logo in slanting and cursives portrays elegance and elite, adding a bolt of lightning indicates that players should expect the strike of a fun play at any time. In summary, a minimalist logo with uncomplicated symbols never fails to work wonders.

Now, you know some of the things that make a casino visually appealing. Let’s talk about the next issue!

Easy Navigation

Players shouldn’t have to search or struggle before they find whatever they are seeking on the gambling site. The initial goal of visiting the site is to have fun, not to make their way through a maze. Therefore, iGaming platform designs are usually properly arranged and require a few clicks to begin playing your favorite games. Also, buttons like Sign Up, Terms and Conditions, and Player Support, are available on every page.

Special Offers

Sign-up bonuses and time-sensitive opportunities like slot tournaments are usually placed at the front and center of the lobby page. They are displayed brightly and clearly. This way, they are the first things that visitors and long-time players see when they log into the site.

Mobile Compatibility

The rise of mobile usage influences the iGaming industry as much as others. Players in many developed countries spend much time on their handheld devices and there has been an increased number of bets coming from mobile users. Hence, professionals engaged in casino website building arrange all of these functions to fit different mobile screens as an alternative to the desktop versions.

Begin Your Journey From Retro Glamor to Mythical Quests!

The allure of iGaming themes is an unending one. Day after day, we wake up to new themes inspired by various things we can see in the present, from fantasies to ancient ones that have been passed down from one generation to another.

You are just a click away from going on a wild adventure and having fun from the comfort of your home. So, choose a platform with the best design and have fun!