What Comes After Social Media? Social Store.


Do you often check the online stores for the lowest prices? Have you ever been unsatisfied with the value you received for your money? Would you try the lottery or a premium product raffle contest if you cannot lose and you have full control of your chances? What if they also say you only pay if you win?

Well, if to any of the above questions your answer is YES, then our test, the results and this new type of store is for you, and we must say we absolutely love it!

What is Social Store?

Social Store is an online mobile app based shopping platform where the creators thought a big and built 2 type of stores into one in full synergie. One of the founders Joe Bitter, a highly successful serial entreprenuer with over 12 years of experience running e-commerce stores internationally and fed up with all the hassles of running e-commerces globally and lacking any innovation or fun factor in the last 50 years. Therefore he teamed up with his co-founders and in the last 3 years with the expert of the award winning Mumbai Airport system developer BigFish Mobile they have developed, tested and launched Allyos, the Social Store that will revolutionize the way we shop. The new shopping concept has been picked up in the media lately including the internationally famous TV show Shark Tank as well.

Here is a 3 minutes YouTube teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uigduj6QdPk

Unbeatable Prices and Free Play?

So, 2 stores in one. Let’s start with the classic side, the Store side called „Marketplace“ that can be found in the app by clicking on the top left corner. You find here all type of products, electronics, parfums, cars, travel you name it. You see the highest discounted on the top. The absolutely amazing idea here is that on this side the shop works without profit. The special reseller discount offered to Allyos from the factories and supplier partners is offered to you, to the user. This amount is the „Discount“ price shown on every item. „Best Price“ is the lowest price you can buy the item when exchanging your discounts, and the default price is the „Marketplace price“. What’s the big deal you might ask? Well, the deal is that Social Store is called Social for a reason. Allyos does not straightforward give you the special discount amount top of the amazingly low „Marketplace“ prices. They created another platform to bid with this discount amount and to get involved in the social shopping, so you truly can experience the power of community shopping. What does that mean? A premium car for even $1 without risk, and you only pay if you are the lucky participant!

Detailed video explains more about this side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5TpPzPbwD0

Does a Premium Car Worth $1 to You? No Risk, Clear Chances, Pay if You Win?

Here comes the second side of the 2 in 1 store. Seriously this is the exciting, revolutionary and fun side. This is actually the store side that opens up to you when you start the Allyos app. What you see again is lots of premium, luxurious well known products. Here we shop together, and the unique idea is that Allyos let’s you use the extra discount amount offered on the Marketplace to contribute in the Social side and have a chance to take away a lot more, hot and more expensive items for your money. You bid as much as you want on the items. Somewhat works like an auction-crowdfunding-raffle contest. If the price of a product is collected from the bids a random raffle takes place and one participant is offered the right to buy the product for the amount he/she added to it. Be it $1, $3 or $25 is up to you. Everyone else who was not the lucky social shopper does not lose their money! It goes back to the store side, to the Marketplace and collected in your wallet on the top, so you can exchange it and spend it on your everyday shoppings thus reducing the prices lower to the Best Price level. There are rules on the Social shopping side however! The creators wanted to build a totally fair and equal playing field here. They had to turn to the only universal commodity we all have the exact same on this planet, time. You and I, everyone has 24 hours a day. Here is how it gives equal and clear chances detailed in this tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMXJp8DBtMg


Let’s Buy Something Together. Become a Social Shopper.

The Allyos app is free to download from Apple and Google stores. In order to start social shopping you can top up your app wallet with pre-paid packages starting from $10 using any of your bank cards. Important to note that you cannot buy anything from the Marketplace until you have at least $1 collected discount dollar in your Marketplace wallet. This also helps the community buying power to grow on the Social side. You can stick to the Social side and spend/bid as much money as you wish of course if you like this fun side and try your luck for free, because by now we all know you can spend it for shopping on the store side. And if you want to buy anything in the Marketplace and have collected Discounts, you just need to pay the remaining amount at the purchase.

Well, it seems the old dream of anything for a dollar just became reality, risk free and fun by now, and it is integrated in your regular shopping. Truly revolutionary. Good luck, let us know what we should buy together while you shop for awesome prices.


Download it from the Playstore:


Download it from the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/allyos/id1434869973?l=hu&ls=1