What Every Beginner Should Know About The Benefits Of Learning How To Code


Nowadays, programming has become a lucrative skill in the Tech Industry. We live in a world where fast-paced developments happen now and then. Your new smartphone right may become outdated by next month. Technological advancement keeps on progressing. It is a never-ending pursuit of providing convenience to our lives. 

What is programming? Programming is a method of communication that uses codes for a computer to perform a set of functions. A lot of people are drawn into this technical skill due to the reason that only a few have mastered the art of programming. Even parents encourage their children to learn coding while they are young. It not only nurtures their mathematical and writing skills but also enhances their critical thinking skills. Possessing this skill will take you places if mastered properly.

If you want to know more about why you need to learn how to code, you can consider these surprising benefits when you’re learning how to code.

Top 10 Benefits of Learning How to Code

1. Promotes Logical Thinking Skills

Programming teaches you to solve complex problems to make them simpler and smaller. It develops you to think outside of the box, analyze bigger problems, and break them down into smaller and simpler ones. Even in the communications industry, programming has been a great contributor to information management. One of the online news authorities is dependent on its program to run smoothly. The latest information that we can get runs through a series of codes.

2. Promotes Creativity

Learning how to code means you are learning how to optimize your creativity. It allows you to design your digital products. It is being creative in creating new ideas and formulating solutions that will specifically solve a specific problem.

3. Promotes Persistence

Perseverance is one of the important traits every human being should possess. Success does not happen in an instant, it takes a lot of hard work and continuous failure of trying out different solutions. In programming, you should be persistent in formulating the codes that would complete the set of functions that you would like to run on a computer. In general, it teaches us not to give up easily every time we encounter challenges and obstacles along the way.

4. Promotes Resilience

Just like perseverance, resilience is another important trait anyone should develop. This trait is not something that can be taught, it is something that needs to be experienced for you to develop. In programming, when you are debugging a program, you need to have multiple solutions in mind until you get it fixed. This is called troubleshooting, every time you hit a wall, you need to create solutions that would get you through with it.

5. Improves Communication Skills

Learning a new language improves your ability to communicate better. Programming is a way of communicating with your computer, In this process, you are breaking down complexities into simple terms. A computer only understands the simple language thrown at them. Using simple terms makes you a better communicator. You can express your opinion easily and it won’t be hard for people to understand you. Your goal in communication is for you to be understood by the receiving end. 

6. Improves Structural Thinking

Learning how to code improves your structural thinking skills. As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them”. Programming requires you to visualize the big picture with the small parts that you have. Structural thinking and visual thinking go hand in hand, both are linked to better understanding.

Life in general sometimes requires you to see the big picture with the small parts that you’ll group to reach your desired result.

7. Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Nobody is exempted from problems. Every day we get to solve a certain problem whether simple or difficult. When you learn how to code, you are creating solutions that would solve a specific problem. Learning how to code will develop your mind to solve problems from simple ones to difficult ones. It will nurture your mind to think, analyze, and come up with a solution that would solve the problem.

8. Develops Math Skills

Learning how to code requires you to have math skills. But, it does not necessarily mean that you have to be a math genius to learn how to code. Basic math skills will do the job for as long as you’re willing to learn. When you learn how to code, you’ll improve your math skills along the way without even realizing it. This is a real-life experience to develop math skills, learning how to code is a fun way to develop your math skills.

9. It Gives Satisfaction

Not all people wanted to learn how to code, only a few people had an interest in learning how to code. When you have successfully run a code, it will give you a satisfactory feeling that you have just solved a problem out of the codes that you created. It leaves you a feeling of being proud of what you have done. The feeling of satisfaction will give you a fulfilling moment. Eventually, it will give you the motivation to keep going with what you’re doing.


10. Promotes Willingness to Learn

In programming, there is no general formula in how you should outline your codes to solve a certain problem. It takes a lot of experimentation until you get the right sequence. Learning how to code encourages you to explore for you to learn. It will uncover your willingness to learn. It teaches you how to learn and it shows you that your solution does not have to be the same as others nor your solution solves every problem. It teaches you that every problem has a different solution.

As mentioned above, you can get these valuable skills when you learn how to code. It also showed you that you do not have to be a tech genius for you to start learning how to code. It takes your determination and your willingness to learn the craft. If you want to learn how to code, try it now to see the difference.