What Is A Skip Permit Or Skip License?


Are you looking to hire a skip for your home improvement project or garden waste removal? Before you do, it’s important to know about the legal requirements associated with skips. In particular, if you plan on hiring a skip for business use, then you need to be aware of the rules and regulations surrounding obtaining a Skip Permit or Skip License.

We’ve teamed with skip hire service JustHire to explain what exactly these permits are and how they can help keep your project running smoothly and legally.

What is Skip Permit?

A Skip Permit or Skip License is a legal document that states the conditions of use for hiring a skip. It essentially allows you to place a skip on public land and makes sure that it complies with local regulations. Each region has its own set of rules and regulations so it’s important to ensure you obtain the correct permit for your particular area.


The permit usually requires details such as the dates of hire, type of skip, size and weight restrictions, location of placement etc.


Obtaining a Skip Permit or Skip License typically involves several steps which can vary depending on your local authority. For example, some councils may require additional information such as proof-of-ownership and traffic management plans before they will issue a permit. It’s therefore important to investigate the requirements for your particular council before you start your skip hire project.

How Do I Get a Skip Licence?

Skip licences are usually issued by local councils and require an application process to be completed. The cost of obtaining a skip licence depends on where it is located and how long you need it for.


When applying for a skip licence, you will generally need to provide proof of address and identity, as well as pay any applicable fees. You may also need to provide details regarding the size and type of skip that will be placed, along with its intended purpose.


Also, you may also have to provide evidence of insurance covering the skip, to cover any potential damage or injury that may occur. Once you have obtained the necessary documents and paid the relevant fees, your local council will issue a licence which is valid for a specified period of time.

Contact Your Local Authority in Advance

It can be beneficial to contact your local authority in advance of hiring a skip so that they can provide advice and support regarding obtaining a Skip Permit or Skip License. This will ensure that you’re able to legally place your skip and minimise any potential delays due to non-compliance with regulations.


Skip Permits or Skip Licences are a key requirement for anyone looking to hire a skip. They help ensure that your project runs as smoothly and legally as possible, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with the regulations in your area before obtaining one for your particular situation.