What Is Landlord Insurance?


Not everyone can afford to buy a house outright and this is when renting becomes helpful. There are lots of legal issues to think about before renting a house, and you will need to weigh up your expenses before moving. However, if you are the landlord there is a lot to think about as well. Landlord insurance is crucial for anyone renting out a property they own, this will protect against loss of rent and any issues that arise with tenants.

What will landlord insurance cover?

There are many different types of landlord insurance and they will usually cover damages to the property, liability for injuries and losses, emergency overnight accommodation for tenants, and loss of rental income. Some insurance also covers theft and vandalism, accidental damage, and replacement of locks and lost keys. This could save landlords lots of money and is very worth it if you are renting out a property to tenants.

Some insurance is offered depending on the age of the landlord, for example, there is landlord insurance for over 60 year olds. This is definitely worth getting especially if you own more than one property. Landlords will benefit from the standard advantages and sometimes, even more, there are options like a maturity bonus for landlords over 55 years old. If you stick with the same insurance company for a long period of time there are usually perks for extra credit or policies. Some policies cover over 70s and will help with maintenance managers and checks to ensure the property is operating safely.

Is it worth renting and property or buying?

Many people can’t afford to buy a property outright so they rent instead, this is effectively paying off someone else’s mortgage. If you can get together a deposit and you earn a decent salary you can perhaps buy a house, but this will take a lot of time to plan and research what you need to pay for. There are schemes such as Help To Buy ISA that help young people to buy their first house. For those who would like to buy a house to rent it out, there are mortgages such as Buy to Let that can help you and landlord insurance would be a great idea if you decide to do this.

Make the right choices for your property

Landlord insurance shouldn’t be expensive because of your age, there are some top tips to find landlord insurance if you are a senior. These include hiring a property manager and avoiding problematic tenants, you can get some help with the property and to make sure everything runs smoothly and you avoid loud or damaging tenants. Depending on the neighbourhood you’re in, you should consider those around you and only find suitable tenants. Conducting background research when it comes to your tenants is allowed and you can ask them some questions and get proof of their earnings to ensure they pay rent.

You should also remember before you apply for insurance make sure you haven’t been making too many small claims. This could affect your insurance premiums so keep you history clean and only apply for big claims when you need them.

If you’re a landlord, it is best to look into all your options for insurance as this is most definitely something you will need if you have tenants. Catching problems before they crop up is ideal so you won’t have to deal with stresses when it comes to your rental, especially if you have a busy life and you’re over 55 years old. It’s worth shopping around to make sure you get the best insurance to cover everything you need.