What is the UKGC?


Like any modern innovation. online gambling regulations developed during recent years. There are a lot of bodies that play a big role to provide a safe and legal environment for players. Among the most important bodies, is the UKGC.

What is the UKGC?

This governmental committee joined the online gambling scene in 2007. To regulate the gambling sites. Its jurisdiction covers online casinos. Bookmakers. bingo portals. slots sites. But. it doesn’t promote gambling.

Since its creation. it has been the competent authority that manages gaming licenses. To ensure that companies meet the integrity and safety requirements.

Due to its high standards. the UKGC license has become the gold standard of the industry. It indicates that the casino offers a fair gaming experience. Protects players’ data. And offers them fast withdrawals. In other words. this license is a guarantee against scams. Hence the importance of entities such as the UKGC.

How does the committee work?

Any company that operates a gambling portal and want to establish their business in the UK. Must first send an application to the UK Gambling Commission. After evaluating their business model. Then. confirming that it complies with the UK legislation. They decide whether to grant the necessary licenses for the opening.

To do this. the committee check many things. such as. (identity. ownership. their financial state. and if they have any bad record).

All the conditions for the granting of licenses are available on justuk.club website.

They also give data about what UKGC considers suspicious activity. How to prove that the casino isn’t laundering money. How to dispute if you encounter a problem.

Player protection

Any casino or betting site carries out its business in the United Kingdom. Must Protect the players’ privacy. keep their data confidential. and use the highest protocols to secure it. This is essential to get and maintain the UKGC license.

This rule guarantees your privacy. Moreover. it prevents the risk of exposing your data to malicious third parties. Whether to use your data in Ads. identity theft. or credit card fraud.

As incredible as it may seem. security standards also serve to cut the risk of cyberattacks! Because when the company must follow the data protection instructions.

Fair play

Checking games systems is one of the UKGC’s main anti-fraud measures!

Commission teams are working on confirming that there is no cheating. And all casino games give random and fair results. and that nobody can manipulate them.

All online casino games depend on an algorithm that generates random results. Which is the (random generators) or RNG.

This algorithm ensures that everything that happens during a game is a result of chance. So. losing or winning will depend on the player’s luck only.

Also. the casino must ensure that the casino cannot alter the game in any way.

The instructions of the UKGC. also emphasizing to follow these measures if external factors occur. For example. losing internet connection. placing real money wagers. or playing for free. In general. all these circumstances exist in the casino’s terms and conditions.

Protect customer funds

The UKGC license is conditional on the protection tools of players funds. Whether the deposited or earned money. The casinos must also consider an insolvency plan. how they will provide info about their balance to customers. And the practical way in which casino manage funds.

Among the obligations of a legal casino are to ensure that its customers know how the casino works. Before placing a bet.

This means that the info must appear visibly. And the player must confirm that he knows it. For example. by checking the box of the terms and conditions.

Until recently. the UKGC required operators to submit monthly reports on assets from customer funds. After a first testing phase. the reports became quarterly. Currently. the UKGC require reports about the funds corresponding to the casino clients.

Operator duties

Without regulation. casinos could do whatever they want. And players would have no way to enforce their rights! Hence the importance of defining what are the duties of casinos. And at what point their action can be abuse or even a crime.

The UK Gambling Commission does not act as a mediator between operators and players. It does not collect complaints. nor does it resolve disputes.

So. if you have any problem with a UK based casino. It is the duty of their operator to attend to your complaints. But. if you didn’t find a solution. The casino must determine an impartial judge to act as a mediator between you and the casino. Unlike the DGOJ. the UKGC will not address your complaints or give them any response!

Besides. the organization does not offer legal advice. Neither for the operators (even if they develop a lawful business model). Nor for the players affected by any problem. Do note that. the main goal of this committee is regulating all forms of online gambling. But. it is not a judicial body.


We hope we have helped you understand why it is so important that you always play in regulated casinos! Otherwise. you will not have any rights. Considering that defending yourself in case of a scam will be very difficult. Always avoid suspicious sites. Playing like this is not fun. Report to the authorities in case any problems arise!