What to Do with Wedding Photos: the Best Ideas


Your wedding photographer did a great job. The wedding photos came out even better than you expected, and they’re already getting hundreds of likes on Facebook and Instagram. But what to do next with those hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of amazing pictures? How can you preserve these memories of one of the best days of your life?

To help you out, here are 5 great options for organizing, preserving and displaying your wedding photos!

1.     Keep Your Photos on a USB Drive or Hard Disk

Your wedding photographer will send you photos in a digital format – you’ll most likely get a USB memory stick or a link to cloud storage. When you copy the archive onto your computer, don’t forget to upload it to your own online storage too – then you won’t lose precious images if the computer breaks down.


  • the most economical solution
  • you won’t need too much time to organize all the photos into folders
  • you can email the images to all your friends and relatives who didn’t make it to the wedding but who’d love to see the pictures


  • it can be difficult and time-consuming to find a specific picture in a big digital archive
  • not very convenient for showing your wedding pictures to friends and relatives
  • digital-only photo memories can easily get forgotten

2.    Print the Best Pictures and Organize Them into a Photo Album

A classic solution that’s been around almost since the dawn of the photography era. Your photos are printed individually and then slipped into “pockets” on the album’s pages, with the album bought separately.


  • You can flip through the album and relive great memories any time you want
  • One of the easiest and most affordable printing solutions


  • Photo albums tend to wear out with time (plastic sleeves come off, photos fall out)
  • The photos in each album will usually need to be all the same size
  • Most photo albums don’t let you display photos in different layouts, each spread looks the same
  • Some people consider photo albums a bit dated

3. Create a Classic Wedding Photo Book

A photo book is a custom-designed collection of photos printed directly onto the pages of a book rather than inserted into the pages of an album. Photo books tend to have more diverse page layouts than photo albums and they let you tell your wedding story in a more original, individual way.


  • Available in a wide range of designs and formats
  • You can add comments, dedications, quotes etc next to the photos
  • A tidier, more modern look than you get with photo albums


  • Designing a creative, unconventional photo book takes time
  • You need to find a reliable printing provider that won’t cut corners on either the photo reproduction or the book-binding
  • More expensive than photo albums

4. Use Wedding Pictures for Personalised Wall Art

All of the above are good solutions, but they can easily lead to your wedding photos ending up hidden away in a drawer. How about trying out something completely different – proudly displaying wedding pictures as focal points of your interior design scheme? Customized wall art lets you do exactly that. You can display just a couple of prints that capture your favourite wedding moments, or design a whole wedding-themed gallery wall.


  • One-of-a-kind wall decor that’s genuinely meaningful
  • You can create a wedding photo display fit for a gallery
  • Wedding-themed wall art will help keep the romance alive, reminding you and your partner of your commitment to each other every day


  • It may take time to select the wall art type best suited to your living space and then design the prints
  • Hanging the prints will require basic DIY skills
  • Some wall art options can be expensive

5. Use More Creative Printing Solutions

These days, photo printing isn’t limited to wall art or album prints. You can also get your pictures printed on a variety of home and lifestyle accessories – for example, a personalised blanket on the couch can work just as well as a set of classic framed photos on the wall!


  • Personalised lifestyle accessories are unique items you won’t find in any other home
  • Decor textiles are usually produced from soft, warm and durable materials such as fleece and plush
  • Photo accessories featuring wedding images can be used as thank-you gifts for your guests


  • Even though personalised home textiles are wonderfully versatile, they may not work as decor elements for every design scheme
  • Some people may not want to display their wedding photos on items like blankets, cushions or towels

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