What To Expect From Stamford Bridge For Your First Football Game


So you’re a Chelsea fan going to your first football game.

First off, lucky you. Seriously, going to watch a league game in the flesh simply hits different. Sure, you can have a great time at home or in your local pub, watching the boys in blue by yourself or with your friends. Or spending time on a football betting site. But when the players march onto the field and the stands erupt, there’s a tingle that simply cannot be replicated.

Secondly, be prepared. When you grab your Chelsea tickets, don’t go thinking that this is a one-off thing. Every football fan will attest to the fact that, once you go to a game, you can’t just leave it there. You’ll want to go to another game. And then another game. And then another. Until you might as well camp out in front of the stadium. It really is that addictive.

But, hey, this is your first. And being your first football game, there are a few things you need to know to ensure you have the best first-time experience possible. That’s why we’ve concocted this little list of what to expect in the day and how you can navigate it perfectly.

The Journey There

Before we talk about the day at Stamford Bridge, we thought we should mention how to get to the actual stadium. Unlike other stadiums in London, Stamford Bridge is a little harder to get to.

With just a couple of car parks within one mile of the stadium, it’s always better to get public transportation and make sure you’re there within a good time. It’s quicker and easier, and you’ll probably meet a few fans along the way.

The Lead-Up To The Game

When you get to Stamford Bridge – and take a few moments to get over the majesty of the stadium, it’s time to soak up the atmosphere and have a wander.

In the surrounding area, there are a load of shops and stalls to visit and pick up some blue garments, including scarfs, hats, and flags to support your team. If you want to meet a few more Chelsea nuts, we recommend also checking out the pubs that cater directly to Chelsea ticket holders.

Grabbing A Programme

When you’re in the ground, make sure you go to one of the match day programme stands and pick one up.

You might know all there is to know about the upcoming game, but if anything, these programmes are an excellent souvenir to take home with you and cherish. You can also use it to prove to people you were there when Chelsea managed to [insert momentous achievement here]!

The 30 Minute Rule

It can be a little hard to navigate Stamford Bridge, so you need to make sure you remember the unspoken 30-minute rule. This rule states that you should be in the stadium and ready for the game at least 30 minutes before kick-off.

While this might seem a little pointless, doing this will ensure you find your seat, watch some of the warm-ups, and snap some pretty good pictures before it all fills up. There’s also nothing better than sitting in the stands and watching as the stadium gets louder and louder as the chants begin to kick off.

Timing Is Everything

Lastly, remember that timing is everything. Remember that 15 minutes at half-time is really no time at all, and you don’t want to miss any of the action so, if you can, make sure you stay in your seat and simply wait for the next kick-off. If you do need to go anywhere – whether that’s grabbing more refreshments or using the restroom – make sure you keep your watch on you and don’t dawdle!

When the game is over, we recommend that you don’t rush home. Believe us, you can never miss the crowds, no matter how hard you try. So you might as well relent and simply enjoy the atmosphere for a little while longer. Make your way at your own pace to nearby bars, go shopping at the Britannia Gate, or simply hang around and chat with fans about the game. You’re only there once, after all…

Yeah, as if!