What To Look for When Choosing a Food Marketing Agency in London


Are you thinking about working with a food marketing agency? A lot of businesses have found this a cost-effective way to boost sales and continue a marketing strategy while their own team becomes more productive in the office. It is a way to boost marketing but without having to do it in-house.

But, it can be difficult to choose a food marketing agency when there are so many out there. Here are some things you should look out for when you are choosing a food marketing agency to work with in London.

Big Client Names

If you are a business that is new to working with a food marketing agency, this is going to be unknown territory for you. It can be difficult to know what companies you can trust and what you should really be looking for. Well, one thing that can help you narrow down your search for the right food marketing agency is to see what previous clients they have had. In particular, if you recognise the brand names, this can give you peace of mind. For example, consider Ceres PR and what clients they have worked with in the past. Most people are going to know names like Paul Hollywood, Yakult, Craft Bakers Association and California Walnuts. This demonstrates that big brands trust Ceres PR and this can make the team stand out from other companies.

Case Study Examples

It can be great to see that a food marketing agency has worked with brands you know. It offers peace of mind and gives you a sense of security. But it is even better when you are able to see case studies and examples of their work. This allows you to get an idea of what you can expect when you work with that food marketing agency. You can see if you like their style and see the results they have achieved with other brands.

Most reputable food marketing agencies are going to display case studies on their website. Take the time to look around and see what you think about the examples. Doing this research now is going to help you narrow down your options later on.

Active Social Media Accounts

There are a few reasons why you want a food marketing agency to have active social media accounts. First, it can be a fantastic way to learn more about a company and what their culture is like. In addition, it might be easier to contact them and talk to a member of the team. You can quickly decide whether you like their customer service and interaction with you.

Secondly, a food marketing agency is likely going to create content for you that is broadcasted on social media. So, this can act as a good way to see what they are like. In other words, you can gain an impression of what they might do for your business. You can check out their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube channel to understand what type of content they might create for you.

Positive Reviews

You want to make sure that previous clients would recommend the food marketing agency. So, the best place to find out the answer is by looking up reviews. Some agency websites will include client testimonials. These can be useful and give you an indication of what the marketing agency does well. But, it can also be useful to look up independent review sites too. This way, you can capture the whole picture.

If you do come across bad reviews for a company, make sure that you read them. Some clients can expect too much and have unrealistic expectations. So, you want to make sure they are being fair. Often, if there is a real problem with a food marketing agency, you will see a pattern in the bad reviews. This is something that you should pay attention to.

A Good Blog

You always want to learn more about a food marketing agency and what their general ideas and thoughts are on topics. This way, you can tell how experienced the team is and what their opinions are on trending strategies or topics. Therefore, before you choose an agency to hire, check out what their blog is like. Hopefully, it will contain blog posts that are insightful and helpful. In addition, you want their blog to be active too. This shows that the company cares and knows how to run a good blog.