Who do bettors predict to win the Euro Cup in 2024?


It is no surprise that many spectators have changed theirpredictions of the winner of the competition because ofthe various stunners. The EURO Championship is a competitive tournament because the best Europeancountries are playing. The shock was on Monday whenthe score ended in favor of Belgium 1-0 to Slovakia. The loss reduced Belgium’s odds of winning the championship.

Also, the odds of Italy winning the championshipdespite their amazing team have reduced after they lostto Spain 1-0. Spain’s odds of winning have increasedon Euro 2024 betting sites platforms. Let’s check outsome Euro 2024 stunners.

England v Denmark

England and Denmark shared the three points in theirmatch at Frankfurt. After Harry Kane’s amazing goal, the Denmark side through Morten Hjulmand canceledthe goal. Even Denmark is a strong teambookies likeDirectionBet Sports offered England lesser odds withhopes that Denmark had no chance of winning. Denmark gave England their best to share a point

Scotland v Hungary 

After the heartbreaking loss in the opening match, Scotland had high hopes of qualifying. However, Hungary secured a win in the 100th minute with a heartbreaking goal from Kevin Csoboth. Scotland losttheir first match against Germany.

Top contenders for the EURO 2024 Championship

Bettors placed their bet on the winner of the EURO Championship weeks ago, but the top teams may notwin. The underdogs are pushing very hard and poppingup surprises. Below are the top contenders for the EURO Championship. Let’s start from the least to the top.









Interestingly, almost all the top contenders for the EURO 2024 Championship have qualified for the knockout stage. In other words, the stakes are still highfor the top eight contenders. The odds of these top contenders winning are high in Royalist Play Sports.


Some teams at the Euro 2024 games have players whomay retire after this outing. Based on this, those playersare playing their heart out to win the championship. Finally, ensure you bet on websiteswith GRAI approval.