Why CBD Is Set to Take Over the World

CBD pioneer and CBDNOL® founder Christian Eckmair from Austria shares his experiences.


CBD is booming almost everywhere in the world. Whether it’s epilepsy, depression or physical pain: According to koi cbd, numerous people report almost miraculous healing experiences through cannabidiol (CBD). Christian Eckmair, with his startup CBDNOL® based in Linz, is one of the CBD pioneers in Europe and claims: “CBD will change the world”.

“My CBD journey started with a visit to the doctor,” Christian recounts. He struggled for years with a rare disease of the bones and cartilage – no medication seemed to help. One day, his doctor recommended CBD to him. “Just two weeks after taking CBD for the first time, I already felt great relief,” Christian recalls. “I was blown away.

That’s how the idea for his CBD startup CBDNOL® was born. “From the very start, we tried to produce CBD in the best and most natural quality,” Christian tells. It was a tough start but over the years, CBDNOL® became the market leader in Europe with own stores and ships over 200 packages per day to its international customers. “Our products are 100% legal because they contain a maximum of 0.2% THC and are tested by a laboratory” explains Christian.

When Christian talks about his company today, you can hear the pride in his voice. It wasn’t just a difficult start – what makes Christian much prouder is what his customers say. Almost every day he hears stories about people whose lives have changed for the better because of CBD. For example, there is 17-year-old Helena from Linz, who has suffered from epilepsy since childhood.

Even grabbing and walking was torture for Helena – until one day she tried CBD Oil. The pain was gone within a very short time. Or the story of an elderly client who relied on a maximum dose of morphine to get through the day: after taking 15% CBDNOL® oil, she was able to reduce the morphine dosage by 2/3. Christian knows many such stories. He also likes to tell about Thomas, who greatly reduced the side effects of chemotherapy with CBD. The CBDNOL® oil with 25% CBD alleviated nausea, the appetite improved and the pain decreased.

Nevertheless, Christian cautions, “No one should expect miracle things from CBD.” Research is still in its infancy and therefore no promises of a cure should be made. “But that also presents an opportunity,” says Christian. New studies are published almost daily that seem to confirm many anecdotal effects. “Because of its versatility and the ever-increasing medical interest, CBD will play an integral part in our society within 5 years” Christian predicts.

And he has big plans: Christian wants to offer his high-quality CBD and hemp products not only in Europe but expand worldwide. “Particularly important in this is our sustainability concept,” says Christian. “Currently, the plan is to completely do without plastic. Most of the CBDNOL® products are already offered in high-quality glass containers or cardboard bags. The future is green, the future is CBD” says Christian and smiles.