Why Drinking Coffee Is Now More Popular Than Ever


Most of us can’t start our day without our morning cup of coffee. Coffee is considered one of the most popular drinks worldwide for good reasons. Coffee helps us focus, boosts our physical performance, reduces internal inflammation, and protects against some diseases, as it contains antioxidants. So, coffee is not just about caffeine that helps us function during the day, but also, if consumed in moderate amounts,  can protect our health against several illnesses. Nowadays, coffee is becoming even more popular. Read on to know why drinking coffee is now more popular than ever.

Health Benefits 

One of the reasons why drinking coffee is becoming even more popular than before is that studies have shown that coffee drinkers are at lower risk of developing some serious diseases. 

  • May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Millions of people around the world are affected by Type 2 diabetes, which is characterized by increased blood sugar resulting from insulin resistance or less ability to produce insulin. However, studies have also shown that people who drink the most coffee have a 23-50% lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

  • May Protect From Alzheimer’s & Dementia

There are around 50 million people around the world who have dementia, and Alzheimer’s is the most common form of it. Leading a healthy lifestyle can stop this disease from occurring, and drinking coffee has proved to be very effective in combating dementia. A lot of studies showed that people who drink coffee are at 65% lower risk of having this disease.

  • Antioxidants

Coffee beans contain antioxidants, which become stronger after roasting. Antioxidants are what make coffee a healthy drink if consumed in moderation, as they are known for protecting against many illnesses and diseases.

Coffee Machines

Unlike before, nowadays there is a wide range of different coffee machines for different kinds of coffee, so now you don’t have to go to a coffee shop to get your favorite kind of coffee. The coffee connoisseurs at Daily Espresso explain that you can make any type of coffee you like in the comfort of your home with the right coffee machine. Even drinks as complicated as latte and cappuccino, which should be made with a specific ratio between milk, coffee, and foam, have their own coffee machines.

Makes You Happier

With everything going on these days and the hectic, stressful lifestyle almost everyone is living, the overall mood isn’t at its best. However, coffee can boost your mood and make you feel more energetic, and some studies have shown that coffee drinkers are less likely to get depressed, as caffeine increases the level of dopamine in your brain.


One of the reasons why coffee is popular is that it is an affordable simple pleasure, especially, with all the changes in the world’s economy and the increase in the prices of almost everything. If you can’t afford to buy your favorite coffee from a coffee shop, you can make it at home using a wide range of brands of different kinds of coffee. So, according to your budget, you can find the right kind and brand of coffee.

Good for Your Diet

Aside from being delicious and healthy, coffee has no calories, fats, or sugars, so it is perfectly fine to keep it while being on a diet. Coffee can also improve your metabolism rate and helps in working out too as it boosts your energy while improving the benefits of exercising. However, adding sugar and milk could interfere with your diet.

Different Types & Brews

Well, having many types and different brews made coffee even more popular, as there is something for everybody. There are many types of brews like drip brew, pour brew, and cold brew, and each with a different taste for different tastes. Also, there are different coffee drinks, so if you enjoy your coffee with more milk than coffee, then latte is your drink: however, if you prefer a stronger coffee flavor but still would like to add milk to your drink, then a cappuccino will fit your taste in coffee, and of course, there is black coffee if you don’t like milk in your coffee.

Although coffee has many health benefits and may protect your body against several diseases, it should be consumed moderately.  Also, if you have any medical conditions that might increase with coffee intake, you should ask your physician or psychiatrist about the right amount of coffee you can drink per day. Nothing beats the first sip of your freshly brewed cup of coffee that helps you push through the day, and that’s why it is among the most popular drinks worldwide with many lovers around the globe.