Why End Of Tenancy Cleaning Is Essential During COVID-19


COVID-19 has swept the nation and has affected just about every single industry as well as every single aspect of our lives. Not only have we been sent into lockdown but we’ve been forced to adjust our lives in order to help stop the spread of this hideous virus.

That being said, it doesn’t look to be going anywhere any time soon which makes cleaning and sanitation more important than ever. Regular home cleaning has seen a huge increase as people attempt to keep their homes as clean as possible but what about end of tenancy cleaning?

The Importance Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is a must at the end of any tenancy, regardless of whether we’re in a global pandemic or not. End of tenancy cleans allow for properties to be restored to a clean and functional state (depending on the previous tenant this can vary) and also allows landlords to take a thorough look around their property to ensure everything is in order and as it should be.

Throw in a global pandemic however and an end of tenancy clean takes on a whole new meaning altogether. To explain fully, let’s take a closer look at Coronavirus and what it is before we explain how end of tenancy cleaning is now more essential than ever.

What Is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has swept the entire globe and since January, has torn many people’s world apart with severe illness and in some cases even death. The ability for COVID-19 to spread would appear to be like any other and while testing has increased and talks of a vaccine in the next six months look ever more promising, doing all we can now to stop the spread has become more important than ever.

Lockdown has once again been put in place, in order to ‘break the circuit’ and prevent households mixing and in turn, try to stop this virus from gaining any more traction than it already has. While lockdown is in place, it’s now in tiers meaning different areas of the country are on different stages of lockdown.

This however doesn’t stop the virus spreading just as easily with the touch of a door handle or sink tap. Schools, colleges, universities and even places of work are remaining open and while lockdown may be taking place, people are still very much mixing, making the risk as high as ever for some.

How End Of Tenancy Cleaning Can Help

With end of tenancy cleaning, not only are you ensuring your property is clean and functional for the next tenant, but you’re also providing a safe and hygienic environment for the next tenant, helping stop the spread of COVID-19 between old tenants and new tenants. From skirting boards to ceilings, carpets to appliances and of course, every single touch point in that home that may be harbouring the COVID-19 virus, an end of tenancy clean will ensure every square inch is cleaned to prevent any further spread of this devastating virus.

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The need for a domestic clean and sterile environment is more important than ever which makes an end of tenancy clean a must-have for every property that’s changing tenants. Whether you want to ensure your own safety as a landlord or you want to ensure the safety of tenants following after your own tenancy, contact Cleaning Express on 0203 633 0390 to ensure you do the right thing and create a clean and safe environment with a thorough, top to toe, end of tenancy clean by professionals.