Why Glenn Tamplin Is The Ultimate Legend


by Tara Goodhew

We have had some legends here in London, we still play home to some of the all time greats from Her Majesty, The Queen right down to Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthew – but I am not here to discuss Royal etiquette or talk about a new reality show.

Introducing GLENN TAMPLIN!

Glenn Tamplin, an Essex based entrepreneur has now made so much waves around the UK even us Londoners want a piece of him…

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Glenn took over Billericay Town FC – turned it into the greatest Non-League Team on this planet earth and to top that off he gave the gift of walking to young Harry Parker with a mouthwatering donation that will change the Parker family’s life forever…. So YES, Glenn is the ultimate legend already.

The multi-millionaire businessman who calls a humble abode in Abridge home has a few traits that make him different.

1. He is still above all things a family man – The busy bee who juggles running a football club and his other varied business ventures constantly gushes about his family on social media. He has referred to his wife Bliss as his ‘rock’ on social media when he was hospitalised some weeks back. 

Pictured: The happy and united Tamplin family

2. He remembers the importance of religion – I’m an atheist personally but I admire how Glenn openly talks about his religion and how he has battled varied issues in his earlier years.

3. He doesn’t back down from a fight – how many multi-millionaire football club owners do you know who respond to their trolls on Twitter ?! None because they aren’t any ! Now Twitter gave Glenn a blue tick so he could carry on giving it large to his haters only this time in an official capacity!

4. He is a true one of a kind – How many football clubs have you see that have a graffiti wall, that get 2 Ferrari’s personalised and that support local community charities, work with street pastors oh and in addition spend a mouthwatering amount on player wages in the Non-league ?! NONE – that’s because Glenn Tamplin isn’t running them.

The future is looking really bright for Glenn, as he will soon be Sir Tamplin as various rumour mills have argued that the Entrepreneur turned Philanthorpist should get a royal nod for his services to the football industry and his charitable works!

We will wait and see what comes out of this ultimate LEGEND! 

Ofcourse you can follow Glenn on Twitter – how do you think my life is so amazing >> @GlennTamplin