Why Is My New Disposable Vape Not Working?


Without a doubt, disposable vapes are the most popular vaping devices among the many thousands of Londoners who have stopped smoking and made the switch to vaping. It’s easy to see why – a disposable vape is the only type of vape that’s ready to use immediately out of the box, just like a cigarette.

Since disposable vapes are supposed to be ready for immediate use, however, you’ll be quite surprised when you encounter a device that doesn’t work as it should. A disposable vape isn’t intended to require charging and filling like other types of vapes – it’s just supposed to work. With that in mind, you’re probably feeling pretty confused right now if your disposable vape doesn’t work out of the box.

If you have a new disposable vape that isn’t hitting, this is the guide for you. In it, we’re going to walk you through some simple steps that might fix the issue. In most cases, a disposable vape that isn’t working out of the box doesn’t have a serious problem, and you should be able to get it up and running in a matter of minutes.

Make Sure That You’ve Unpacked Your Disposable Vape Correctly

Although a disposable vape doesn’t have a complicated setup process, you can’t necessarily just remove the device from the box and start puffing on it immediately. A disposable vape has a battery, and it’s also filled with e-liquid. It requires special packaging in order to ensure that the battery won’t turn on and the device won’t leak. So, before you can use a new disposable vape for the first time, you need to make sure that you’ve unpacked it correctly.

A disposable vape will often have a sticker covering itsairflow openings. You’ll find the sticker on the bottom. It may also have a silicone cap or plug on the mouthpiece. You’ll need to remove and discard both of those before you begin vaping.
If you’re using a disposable vape with a clear tank at the top, the device probably has a mechanism to ensure that the e-liquid can’t enter the coil assembly prematurely. You might need to pull a string out of the device’s mouthpiece, or the device may have a raised mouthpiece that you need to push down. After you’ve done one of those things, you’ll begin to see bubbles rising from the device’s coil assembly. Wait several minutes for the e-liquid to absorb fully into the wick before using your disposable vape.

If You Have a Rechargeable Vape, Try Charging the Battery

Do you have a disposable vape with a USB port? If you do, your device has a rechargeable battery which is available on American 420 online smoke shop. The battery should be fully charged and ready to use when you remove the device from the box. It’s possible, though, for a battery to self-discharge in long-term storage. It’s also possible – though extremely rare – to find a disposable vape with a battery that wasn’t charged at the factory as it was supposed to have been.

If you have a new disposable vape that isn’t working – and the device has a USB port – try connecting it to your computer to see if the battery charges. When you connect a disposable vape to your computer, the LED should turn on. Wait for the light to turn off or change from red to green, and the device should be ready to use. Charging a disposable vape usually takes a little under an hour.

Puff on Your Disposable Vape a Little Harder

One of the important things to remember about disposable vapes is that they’re produced extremely inexpensively. If you pay less than £5 for a disposable vape, you can imagine how inexpensive the raw materials must be. Because the parts are so inexpensive, it’s normal to encounter variations between different devices. One of the most common variations is that you may occasionally buy a disposable vape with an airflow sensor that isn’t quite as sensitive as it should be.

To use a disposable vape with an airflow sensor that doesn’t work properly, try inhaling more firmly when you puff on the device. You can also use your finger to partially block the airflow hole on the bottom of the disposable vape, which increases the air pressure.

It’s also possible to occasionally encounter a disposable vape that has a little e-liquid stuck in the airflow tube leading from the coil to the mouthpiece. In this case, you’ll feel a “pop” when puffing firmly. The device should then start working normally.

Make Sure Your Disposable Vape Is Authentic

When you buy disposable vapes, one of the most important things to remember is that there are millions of fake devices in shops around the world today. Fake disposable vapes may not be safe to use because they may have battery cells that were rejected by their original manufacturers. They could contain dangerous additives and could even have microbial contaminations due to being produced in unsanitary conditions.

The more immediate issue when you buy a fake disposable vape, though, is that the device simply may not work.

Any disposable vape made by a major manufacturer and purchased from a true specialist vape shop like Cloud Cityshould have an authenticity code printed on the box. You should always confirm that the code is valid before using the device. Visit the manufacturer’s website manually and enter the code into the site’s authenticity checker. If the code passes the check, the device is probably authentic. Don’t use the QR code to check a disposable vape’s authenticity because fake vapes often have fake QR codes.

If you’ve purchased a fake disposable vape that doesn’t work, chalk it up as a learning experience and buy your devices from a reliable vape shop in the future. If you buy disposable vapes from a convenience store, you’re asking for problems. If you did buy the disposable vape from a vape shop, though – and the device doesn’t work – you should return it immediately to the point of sale. Any good vape shop will always accept returns of devices that are dead on arrival.