Why Luggage Storage Services Are the Future of Travel


Travel is back on the rise following the years that the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the industry, which has caused many solo travelers and families alike to start planning their next trip. However, after so much time away from travel, planning the logistics associated with a vacation can prove to be difficult. There are new ways to manage your travel plans, both large and small, which can save you money if used correctly.

One such way to manage your plans is to utilize a luggage storage service, which can free you up to explore your destination with the stress of dealing with luggage. Learn everything there is to know about the new common dangers of travel and why luggage storage services can help to address some of those dangers. 

Top Leading Dangers While Traveling

Before diving into why all travelers should be using luggage storage services, it’s important to look at some of the common dangers a traveler may face to see why this service may be necessary in the first place. Specifically, there are three primary dangers are traveler may face, in order of likelihood: 

1. Health Issues Due to the Environment

Depending on where you are traveling to in the world, there may be certain health factors that will be at play. Whether it’s diseases you are not vaccinated for or simply a current pandemic that is facing the area, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, there are various health risks that a person might face. 

2. Various Travel Related Injuries 

Those who go on vacation to explore a new area will likely not be sitting in their hotel room doing nothing the entire time. Instead, they will be out exploring the area and going on activities they wouldn’t normally partake in. As a result, this can lead to injuries which require medical treatment as soon as possible. 

3. Being a Victim of Crime

Finally, the largest risk while on vacation due to how common it is revolves around being a victim of crime. Specifically, petty theft and armed robbery are two common dangers tourists face when visiting a new area, which is why learning to reduce the chance of being a victim is so important. 

Addressing Common Crime: What is a Luggage Storage Service?

For those unfamiliar with the term, a luggage storage service is a secure location run by a company where a traveler can drop off all of their luggage. This luggage is then locked away and guarded by the company, with the company charging the traveler an hourly or daily fee to hold onto their luggage. This allows a traveler to explore the area they are visiting without needing to bring any of their belongings with them. 

The Price of Luggage Storage to Expect

Some travelers may avoid luggage storage services because they view them as too expensive, but the truth is that luggage storage is extremely affordable. In fact, luggage storage costs as little as $6 per day in certain cities. This price can vary depending on certain factors, such as the city you are in, but it is a strong benchmark to keep in mind as you consider the potential price in your budget.  

5 Benefits to a Luggage Storage Service

Naturally, hearing that a luggage storage service has a low starting price point will likely not be enough to convince a traveler to leave their belongings behind. However, there are five primary benefits to using luggage storage which should be considered: 

The Ability to Explore Hands Free

It’s no secret that luggage is bulky, which makes it difficult to carry around your destination, particularly if that destination is a city. After all, try to imagine visiting an iconic restaurant and also squeezing your bags through rows of people. By locking your baggage up with a luggage storage service, you will be able to explore your area completely hands free. 

Having More Energy to Explore

On top of being able to explore hands free, a person will simply have more energy when they stow their bags on vacation. The majority of bags for long vacations will be around 50 lb. per airport regulations, which is quite a heavy weight to be carrying day in and day out. By using luggage storage, you can preserve more energy for your adventures. 

Worrying Less About Theft

As mentioned, theft is the leading cause of danger for tourists in new areas around the world. One easy way to reduce the likelihood that you will be targeted for theft is to simply get rid of your bags through luggage storage. With nothing on your person, you will be less identifiable as a tourist and a potential criminal will not see you as having many belongings worth stealing. 

Being Allowed into More Locations

An overlooked benefit of using luggage storage is the ability to see more locations in a destination. Certain attractions such as museums, for example, do not allow a person to bring bags in for safety reasons. This means you might not be able to explore a part of the town that you really wanted to see. 

Saving Money for Other Vacation Purposes 

Finally, the low cost associated with using a luggage storage service means that you will have more money to dedicate towards other activities on your vacation. Whether these activities are going out to eat, taking part in fun adventures, or simply upgrading your hotel room, having more money on-hand is never a bad thing.

The Bottom Line

Planning an effective vacation is not as easy as it used to be, especially considering how expensive the price of travel has become due to higher demand. As a result, all travelers need to place an emphasis on even the smallest details when thinking about their travel plans. To avoid one of the greatest dangers associated with travel, consider using a luggage storage service to lock away your belongings. Not only will this leave you with more energy to explore your destination, but it will also save you money to be used on other activities.