Why Outsourcing Your Contact Centre Makes Good Business Sense


Outsourcing, as we know it today, was not a feasible option for any company in any industry fifty years ago. Twenty years ago, outsourcing was common knowledge, but it was nowhere near the industry it is today. In the last twenty years, outsourcing has exploded. It is an industry some countries have built their economies around. Technology has allowed companies to send jobs to locations outside of their headquarters. Companies are outsourcing positions to locations both onshore and offshore. The offshore option is only growing in popularity with companies around the

English-speaking countries have lead the way in outsourcing positions overseas. One of the most popular business processes outsourcing (BPO) services are contact centres. They are one of the most frequently outsourced positions for a variety of reasons.

Contact centres can be a costly department for any company to run and house. They are
typically not revenue generating, but they are necessary, which is one of the many reasons they are being outsourced so frequently. The cost differential between a domestic call centre and an offshore call centre can be gigantic. The cost can be reduced significantly because the cost of labour in some foreign destination is remarkably lower due to the cost of living being lower. Companies are able to hire more employees for a smaller sum at an outsourced location.

Cutting costs does not mean there is a cut in quality or efficiency. Companies do not
outsource for financial reasons alone. They understand the competitiveness of the market; providing a quality call experience is more important than ever to stay relevant and sought after in today’s economy. Quality is just as important a factor when outsourcing contact centres.

Outsourcing destinations have built reputations based on their ability to provide a quality
experience for customers particularly in the English-speaking parts of the world. Due to the great number of outsourced positions, there is a huge pool of English-speaking employees with a deep understanding of the culture and needs of their customers. It is vital for employees to be able to have meaningful interactions with customers, and award-winning contact centre service providers such as PITON-Global in the Philippines are providing exactly that.

Efficiency is important in any decision and interaction. Outsourced contact centres are
maximising companies’ efficiency. Companies are able to hire more outsourced employees than they were able to when the contact centre was in-house for a lower overall cost. Each employee is efficient; with more of them, companies are seeing an explosion in the amount of work they are able to handle in their contact centres. Outsourced call centres are not just efficient for the company, they are efficient for the customer. Having more people in a call centre means shorter waiting times for clients. When they are on the phone with the representative, customers are finding their experiences are faster and more successful in accomplishing tasks than they were before outsourcing.

It makes good business sense for companies to outsource their contact centres. They are
proven to be more efficient, cut costs and can provide a higher quality of service.