Why Solid Shutters are Perfect for a Victorian Style Home


What you choose to cover your windows in your home with should not simply be a flippant decision. When making this vital decision, the type of home you live in should be part of the process. Victorian style homes have been a part of the landscape for centuries and these homes tend to have unique qualities. The average window treatment options of drapes and blinds do not seem to do their design justice. Victorian homes require more of a traditional approach to window coverings and nothing is more traditional and timeless than solid shutters. Here are just a few reasons why solid shutters are perfect for a Victorian style home.

Temperature Control

Utility costs for Victorian style homes can be a lot to take. Victorian homes were often built well before the inclusion of air conditioning and heat, so they are not always as insulated as modern homes. Solid shutters help to alleviate much of the temperature issues associated with these draughty homes. Solid shutters can be opened in the winter to allow sunlight to flood the space and closed during the summer to maintain and improve interior temperature.

Multiple Décor Options

Solid wood shutters can be paired beautifully with multiple décor styles with great success. Whether your Victorian style home has a traditional interior motif or a bit more modern design, solid shutters will look excellent. Today, solid shutters are available in multiple colors or can be left with the natural wood shining through and even stained to match specific wood shades. The possibilities are endless even in an older style home such as a Victorian.

Increases Value

When selling your beautiful Victorian home, challenges will come up, but window treatments will not be one of them if you invest in quality solid shutters. Perspective buyers generally look for move in ready conditions. Having permanent window treatments such as solid shutters give perspective buyers a lot of confidence in the home. The new buyers can use the shutters as is when they move in without having to invest more money or they can simply pair the shutters with other window treatments to achieve the look they desire. It is a win win whether you are selling your home in the future or simply staying there forever. Solid shutters are among the most versatile window treatment options available.


Victorian style homes tend to have many rooms making them an ideal solution for larger families. When you have a lot of kids, your indoor spaces can take on a lot of abuse. Thankfully, solid shutters are durable. They can stand up to the crayon marks and misuse far better than standard window treatments giving you peace of mind no matter how many kids you may have. Simply wipe clean at the end of the day and go on about your routing.

Victorian style homes are impressive homes to say the least and such a beautiful structure demands a beautiful interior. Solid shutters add value, temperature control, and ultimate beauty to any Victorian style home.