WINSTON McKENZIE writes Mayor Khan has failed on his promise to “make London safe again.”



London Mayoral Candidate – with 20/20 vision for London

Mayor Khan! Has failed on his promise to “make London safe again.” His unwillingness to co-operate in tandem with all Londoners, is palpable. Our current Mayor is content to address only issues that are of a non-urgent nature. “Yes”, you might say, “Isn’t everything urgent?”

The loss of life recently in the Grenfell disaster, the attack on Westminster Bridge, and let’s not forget the terrorist attack at Borough Market. Civilians running and screaming for their lives. On each occasion lives were lost.

Now we await with clenched fists and bated breath until the next occurrence….

London’s Emergency Services, our Police Force, our Fire Service and London’s Ambulance Service are all exhausted. They lack the obvious man-power to deliver a competent first-class service to their respective communities. Ultimately this grave injustice does not only apply to London alone, but to emergency services near and far.

Our Leaders have run out of ideas. A Bedfordshire Police Chief freely admits he can no longer guarantee the safety of residents in his community!

Conservative Minister for Policing, Nick Hurd, MP, must act now! We are almost at a point of no return! Bedfordshire Chief Constable, John Boucher, says, “Something has got to give”. No-one is listening any more, whilst the treachery surrounding gun and knife crime continues.

I have, without hesitation, brought forward my Campaign to become London’s next Mayor 2020 and will launch my Campaign in the vicinity of St. James’s Park, Central London, this October. Many politicians have promised – None have delivered. They simply lack the knowledge, will or desire to listen to the majority. Heads in the sand – it will surely go away!

It can only be a matter of time before every Londoner realises – We have been duped!

London is the financial epicentre of the world. Why are the cries of voters calling for extra funding for our emergency services falling on deaf ears? Why!

Why is our culture dying on the street, while we bend over backwards to pacify the monstrous atrocities occurring in our midst?

Are we being silenced? To pacify who?