WNWN Joins Fortnum & Mason for Harvest Week to Showcase the Future of Farm to Fork


WNWN Food Labs, the first to bring cocoa-free chocolate to market, today announced it is collaborating with Fortnum & Mason as the iconic department store holds a week of activations, masterclasses, talks and dinners with sustainability at their core.

Fortnum’s will be hosting a Harvest Week from 22-28 September in its flagship Piccadilly store, bringing together experts from the industry to talk about the joys, challenges and opportunities facing food and farming today. WNWN, its CTO Dr Johnny Drain, and its in-house chocolatier will introduce its cocoa-free choc and how food technology can help build a more resilient and sustainable food system in the face of climate change.

“Fortnum’s is dedicated to the search for extraordinary food and drink experiences, and
it just so happens that something extraordinary is happening right here in London in WNWN’s workshop,” said Hatty Cary, Fortnum’s Food & Drink Studio Producer. “Throughout our Harvest Week, we’ll be examining the UK food system as it stands today and as it could be tomorrow, so it’s great to be able to include a look at the possible future of chocolate.”

Cocoa prices are up a staggering 66% in the UK and 46% in the U.S., while cocoa suppliers and chocolate purveyors are increasingly being challenged on their environmental and human rights harm. In the EU, a ban on cocoa and chocolate linked to deforestation took effect in June, while in the U.S., a federal lawsuit is calling for a block on imports of cocoa harvested by child labour. Globally, Starbucks is under fire for repeated failure to address cocoa supply chain questions. Cocoa crops are also highly vulnerable to climate change, including rising temperatures and reduced rainfall, which has led experts to predict chocolate shortages in the coming years.

“Fortnum’s is an institution of good taste and to be on their radar at all, let alone link up for this deep dive into food systems and sustainability, has been a great adventure,” said Drain. “For a retailer that’s been around since 1707, they are as forward-thinking and innovative as anyone in the industry, if not more.”

Harvest Week explores multiple themes in the world of food and beverage. WNWN will hold an event on Thursday 28 September from 3-5 p.m. including a demonstration and tasting. Drain, a world-renowned expert in fermentation and flavour, will also join Fortnum’s Monday events focusing on fermentation along with Douglas McMaster of Silo.