WorkHub Japan: Bilingual Recruitment With An Individualistic Approach


Employers hire recruitment agencies to find the top talent for job positions and contract assignments.  Recruitment companies work to deliver the best results for both their client and the job candidates they recommend.  In order to correctly identify and screen qualified candidates for permanent and contract positions, a recruitment agency needs to have a certain level of experience in the recruitment industry.  However, most of the bigger recruitment companies lack the hands-on approach that helps meet the needs of their clients and candidates.

WorkHub Japan: Bilingual Recruitment In Tokyo

WorkHub Japan is a recruitment agency based out of Tokyo that focuses mainly on bilingual and international professionals in the Tokyo market.  Through an individualistic approach to candidates and clients that focuses on their specific needs, WorkHub Japan is able to deliver a higher level of service than many other bilingual Japanese recruitment agencies.

WorkHub Japan has a long experience in the Tokyo market, but it finds its origins in England.  They have retained several aspects of British business methodology such as polite and proper quality delivery, which they have adapted to fit Japan and the Japanese market.  Through this unique mix of a British and Japanese business background, WorkHub Japan has helped numerous companies enter Japan and find success on the Japanese market.

WorkHub Japan’s Mission

Before they created WorkHub Japan, members of the founding team started out working for several large international corporate recruitment companies.  It was there that they saw the lack of efficiency these companies had in delivering solutions for their customers and clients.  In addition to the lack of efficiency, they saw that many businesses were also hampered by a lack of human touch and personal care.

WorkHub Japan was created with the unique mission to give clients and customers alike a personalized, effective approach tailored specifically to their individual needs.  WorkHub Japan seeks to fully understand their clients in order to provide them with quality results.

This mission is aided by the way they built their business.  A start-up approach, mindset, and structure combined with the willingness to grow and adapt is what makes WorkHub Japan stand out from other recruitment companies.  Their solid financial backing and the vast experience of their founding team helps them provide a fresh and informed approach to recruitment and managed services.

WorkHub Japan’s Services

WorkHub Japan provides positions and solutions in several areas, including permanent recruitment, temporary, and contract assignments, as well as positions that start out temporary before becoming permanent.  In addition to these positions, WorkHub also handles outsourcing and specific IT managed services and projects.

They also provide resource consultancy and career advice for their clients, suggesting solutions based on expertise and experience.  Their main candidates speak both English and Japanese and are primarily based in IT, although they are not limited to that area.  Whether they’re working with candidates to find them contract assignments or handling recruitment for big business clients, WorkHub Japan promises to deliver quality results.