Workout Wardrobe Must Haves


Building a workout wardrobe may not seem like a huge priority to many people but having pieces you love and are comfortable in will help to motivate you when hitting the gym or your weekly fitness classes. Confidence is key in achieving your fitness goals and styling an absolutely fabulous workout fit is one great way to boost your feelings of self-assurance. For the workout wardrobe of dreams here are some of the must have fitness and workout essentials Whispering Smith recommends. 


Gym leggings are an absolute must have wardrobe essential. Important elements of a good pair of workout leggings include their breathability and their fit. If these fit correctly and are made of quality material, you shouldn’t have to worry about pulling up your leggings every time you move your body. Purchasing leggings made of a high quality, breathable material also means your body temperature will be well maintained while you get hot and sweaty during your workout. Having a good selection of leggings allows you to continue your weekly workout routine without finding you are running out of leggings throughout the week as they are waiting to be washed. 

Supportive Sports Bras 

A sports bra is an essential piece of fitness clothing. For women the most important aspect of a sports bra is its ability to offer support during workouts. With such a range of fits and styles, sports bras are becoming, not just a supportive essential, but a style piece too. 

Gym Shorts 

For hotter days and intense workouts gym shorts are a great addition to your gym wardrobe. Getting a pair of gym shorts which allow you to move freely is the most important consideration when it comes to adding a pair of shorts to your gym wardrobe. If you want a greater range of motion, you can choose to wear athletic shorts for volleyball, basketball, or any type of sport.

Hoodies & Joggers 

On the other hand, there are many a day where you will require a few extra layers. Whether that is for your walk to the gym or your outdoor bootcamp sesh. A selection of cosy hoodies and joggers are ideal for layering over your gym wear to keep you toasty and warm before and after getting your sweat on! Matching jogger and hoodie sets are fab if you want to look stylish in your most casual of outfits.