World Animal Protection  launch #RealCheekyNandos campaign


World Animal Protection has launched its #RealCheekyNandos campaign to encourage Nando’s fan to urge the restaurant chain to better its chicken welfare standards, after it has emerged that Nando’s ranks the worst when it comes to chicken welfare policies.

To help launch this, World Animal Protection will be hitting the roads with its billboard van, stopping by various Nando’s restaurants and its ‘Yard’ pop-up, in Hoxton, to help communicate its message.

Following the news that KFC is the first UK fast-food chain to promise better
chicken welfare standards, World Animal Protection today puts another leading chicken restaurant chain under the spotlight.

#TheRealCheekyNandos campaign is unveiling the cruelty and suffering faced by the chickens that Nando’s serves in its restaurants.

Clucking madness: What is Nando’s REALLY serving up on its menu?
Nando’s is renowned for its PERi-PERi chicken, trusted family-friendly atmosphere and cheeky banter, however, it’s actually using chickens which:
● Grow so fast they suffer terrible health problems during their short, miserable lives. Many chickens live with painful deformed legs and heart problems caused by growing too big, too fast.

This often means they cannot walk and die prematurely

● Are kept in cramped conditions with little space to move, preventing them from behaving naturally The cruel reality of these conditions is in stark contrast to customer perception of what Nando’s is selling as the ‘cheeky’ PERi-PERi dream. New research1 by World Animal Protection shows that over a third (38%) of Nando’s customers believe the chain has the highest chicken welfare policies in comparison to other restaurant and fast food brands.