World Vegan Month: Here are some of London’s finest plant-based wonders


With World Vegan Month taking place throughout November, we’re here with some of London’s finest plant-based wonders. From burgers to pizza and everything in between, here’s what’s hot, plant-powered, and totally delicious.

1. Foxden: The Smoked Sheese Bomb

From Fulham-based gourmet burger operators, FOXDEN comes the Smoked Sheese Bomb. A three Sheese sweet potato and corn burger complete sweet potato, corn and Parmesan sheese patty with a smoked sheese bomb centre, with vegan bacon, melted cheddar sheese, slaw and vegan chipotle mayo, sandwiched between a soft brioche bun.

2. Pizza Tribe: The Blondie

Over in Shoreditch, the team at PIZZA TRIBE known for their pizza by the (rectangular) slice have combined mozzarella Sheese with wild mushroom, truffle cream, and rocket to create ‘The Blondie’ which echoes the woodland vibes of autumn.

3. Copper Chimney: Tandoor Tatties

COPPER CHIMNEY, handily located next to Westfield White City, pay homage to the humble sweet potato elevating this dinner-time favourite to new heights thanks to the addition of its in-house tangy, hot seasoning and grilled to perfection in the tandoor.

4. Rudie’s Jerk Shack: The Channa Wrap

With several outposts across London, RUDIE’S JERK SHACK are sharing the plant-powered love far and wide with its Channa Wrap. This hand-held delight features chickpea and potato curry, crispy salad combined with a famed Rudie’s sauce.

5. Barge East: Tomato and Tofu Cigar

Down at the River Lea, BARGE EAST are knocking it out the park with its animal-free offering. We’re talking about a tomato and tofu cigar – smoke it, or eat it, either way tofu has never tasted so good.

6. HAM: Pine Nut Cream and Broccoli

HAM in West Hampstead is giving a seasonal favourite a little bit of pizzaz. Enter the restaurant’s charred Purple Sprouting broccoli with pine nut cream. Enjoy straight up, or as a side, either is guaranteed to broc your world