Worlds Most Advanced Gaming Destination Arrives in London


Sandbox VR, the world’s most advanced virtual reality experience is revolutionising London’s entertainment scene. The first UK location from the renowned VR pioneers is in Covent Garden, London and is the future of recreation, taking group Virtual Reality gameplay and competitive socialising to the next level.

Up to six players can have a truly shared experience through Sandbox VR’s recognised games, physically interacting with one another in the virtual world – an unmatched element that other experiences do not offer. Sandbox VR’s community is for everyone.

Players can experience a full spectrum of adrenaline-fuelled emotions as they enter worlds of swashbuckling daring adventures, survive a Zombie Apocalypse, soar into the clouds in a space elevator or compete against one another in a futuristic combat arena – the true future of immersive entertainment.

The unmatched social gaming adventure enables participants to immerse themselves in exclusive interactive worlds as if they were living inside a game or movie. Sandbox VR have harnessed a gear change in technological advances, their players are absorbed into an expanding universe of worlds that can be explored with friends, families, and colleagues.

After a successful launch in the United States and Asia, the new London site is the first of its kind in the Sandbox VR family, boasting a complete hospitality offering as well as ground- breaking gameplay. Sandbox VR invites groups of guests to walk into an unrivalled experience and, once through the doors of the venue, are hit with a fully immersive environment, diving into a high energy ‘social space’.


Sandbox VR is powered by a new generation of Hollywood motion capture cameras, 3D precision full- body trackers, custom hardware, and haptic feedback suits, creating an experience of touch, vibration, and motion for the user.

Guests can experience an IRL transformation only before seen in blockbuster films.

As their universe continues to improve and expand, Sandbox VR has built their own bespoke game studio with leading developers from EA, Sony, and Ubisoft. Every experience is exclusive to Sandbox VR and their venues.

Players are able to see their teammates through VR goggles and free roam together, exploring worlds and conquering games.


Following the VR experience, guests are invited to socialise in comfort as they watch their experience highlights whilst enjoying a cocktail made by the UK’s first permanent robotic bartender, created by Italian design company Makr Shakr.

“Toni” the robotic genius can serve up to 80 drinks per hour, performing complex motions such as shaking, stirring, and muddling. It can even dance! Toni delivers a totally unique cocktail and mocktail experience.

The unparalleled social space is complete with terminals where players can order drinks direct to Toni. Alongside Toni, drinks from leading cocktail maker, Bottle Proof are on offer together with premium beers, wines, and soft drinks.