Worst and best hotel employers in Singapore


According to hotel career advisor (HCA Inc.), www.hotelcareeradvisor.com, a company that tracks the best and worst hotel employers in Singapore using the aggregated big data approach and their proprietary AI based algorithms, hotel employers in Singapore have clear attributes that make them either best or worst.

What do worst hotel employers in Singapore have in common?

Some of the best built hotels in Singapore also happen to be the worst hotel employers, who offer terrible working conditions and abuse their employees among other things. For example, here is what one employee said about one of the very well known hotels in Singapore that happen to be the worst hotel employer in Singapore (hint check out: www.hotelcareeradvisor.com): Owner of the hotel is not shy about yelling at hotel staff at the top of his voice in front of the guests and likes to humiliate them. He recently ordered the management to gather in front of a tree that had been pruned too short for his liking and scolded them in public.”

What makes the best hotel employers in Singapore?

You guessed it, its not the money. Number one attribute is the company culture, followed by job security and management.

For example, employees at Intercontinental Hotels in Singapore point out respectfulness among colleagues and management as well as training and development opportunities as one employee said “Joining IHG was the Prep School experience any junior executive can get. You learn the hierarchy of the corporate work and everyone is allowed the space to grow

Another top hotel employer, Grand Hyatt Singapore, focused a lot on training and development. One of the junior employees there said When I started working, everything was unfamiliar to me because it was my first time to work. I worried a lot about making a mistake or speaking in English. I overcome my fearsbecause of our colleagues. They take care of me so I can do my best

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