X Factor star Chris Maloney offers a scholarship to an Autism’s got Talent performer


Anna Kennedy OBE Founder of the National Autism Charity AnnaKennedyonline first met André in the Wirral where he performed in the AGT Roadshow at The Pavillion Theatre to over 400 seated audience.

Anna was so impressed with his saxophone playing that she approached Chris Maloney (X Factor finalist who is the Founder of an Academy in Liverpool) if he could offer a scholarship.

Anna shared some of the footage from the show with Chris who immediatley agreed to offer this talented 13 year old a 6 month scholarship.

Chris told us: “We are delight to offer a free scholarship to André at our Liverpool Academy and looking forward to nurturing his talent”

Tracy Jane Adams André’s mother replied ‘This is exciting my son is so happy to be starting the scholarship at Chris Maloney Academy this month and he would like to thank Anna Kennedy OBE for making this happen.’

‘The Academy will give André a wonderful opportunity to develop his social and communication skills with like minded children.
André met and saw Chris sing live for the first time at the end of term performance by the Chris Maloney Academy held at The Epstein Theatre in #Liverpool on 27th Jan.’

Anna Kennedy said: ‘I am always looking to create opportunities for our performers so that they can showcase their Talent and grow in their confidence and do something they really love. As a charity we have already 8 scholarships with Pineapple Performing Arts and our scholars are thriving and performing at various venues’

For further details on Autism’s got Talent please check out the charity website www.annakennedyonline.com