The year of the dog increases anxiety for Cynohphobics


The UK is known as a nation of dog lovers, but our fury friends instil fear in an estimated nine million Brits. With this Chinese New Year celebrating the year of the dog, it can be a reminder of the uncontrollable anxiety and panic Cynohphobics (fear of dogs)face.

Dogs are one of the most common phobias in the UK, joining snakes, mice, and spiders in the top ten most feared animals. However, whilst snakes are easy to avoid in the UK, nearly a quarter (24%) of households own a dog, making them near impossible to escape.

Dogs can sense fear, so being around them is problematic for those with a phobia. Suffers often spend their entire lives avoiding the popular pet, in turn damaging their mental and physical health by avoiding anywhere they could see a dog.

Harley Street hypnotherapist and phobia guru , Adam Cox, is collaborating with Creature Courageto launch a dog phobia workshop, to help sufferers in just four hours.

The workshop will take place in London on Saturday 24th March. A variety of different therapeutic techniques such as NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy, and education, will provide participants with the tools they need to feel confident and fearless.