You can now become a Permanent Mermaid to Save the Oceans


The 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reefs Project is a public EcoArt installation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that casts human beings into sustainable concrete artificial reefs that act as a new home to aquatic life and enhance the coastal defenses of the seawall. Their goal is to create 1000 artistic reefs on the ocean floor to restore human memories and the aquatic ecosystems. To no surprise, awe-inspiring philanthropist, entrepreneur and American Mermaid Emily Alexandra Guglielmo was made into the first mermaid statue for the project’s installation!

This statue of Emily is more than just beautiful as it also benefits marine habitats and increases the living coral reef, oyster, mangrove and fish population. Emily Alexandra Guglielmo raved about her experiences working with the people who were involved in the process of creating her statue. “It’s incredible to work side-by-side …. or should I say… fin-by-fin with such credible people in this field” says Emily, “Evan, the owner of 1000 Mermaids is really endowed to this mission and you can see it in his passion and work ethic. He was 100% involved the whole way!”

The 1000 Mermaids Project is organized by Ocean Rescue Alliance (ORA) a non-profit company that promotes sustainable marine restoration by combining technology, art, humanity and conservation all in one through the development of eternal artificial reefs to commemorate loved ones or a company and help the Ocean. This organization is dedicated to practicing and educating others on coastal protection. Through the production of bio-productive artificial reefs from sustainable concrete, new coral will form on the sculptures to restore the coral reef population.

Funded by ocean lovers around the world, these artificial reef modules are hand crafted by Christopher Xavier O’Hare with Reef Cells who is working with Miami Body Casting to complete all the new underwater statues for the 1000 Mermaids Project. “Chris with Reef Cells which is the actual company that creates the modules was hands on and really enjoyed scanning me as ‘The Official 1st Mermaid to be Sculptured into a Reef-Regrowth Statue’ with proprietary digital scanning technology ~ first time getting to market of this type!” says Emily. These modules are more than just an underwater hot spot for ecotourism because they also act as a habitat for the flora and fauna in the ocean. As Christopher O’Hare says, “We need more responsibly built artificial reefs. The days of dumping junk in the ocean to create marine habitat are over. Artificial reefs today should be designed and crafted structures that, while having enhanced features and exhibiting the influence of man, ultimately must conform to the aesthetic of the natural reef.”