You Can’t Leave Mainland UK Without Trying These 6 Famous Foods


Are you going to the UK soon? Or currently on vacation in the UK? We are delighted to tell you that there are several yummy foods you need to try out while in the Queen’s land. 

Often, British food gets a bad rep and doesn’t always get the positive feedback it deserves compared to food from other bordering countries like France, Italy, Germany, which gives off a sophisticated and attractive vibe. Quite true, British food can appear to look dull and uninviting but as the saying goes, ‘do not judge a book by its cover,’ as there are so many delicious British foods that you will surely enjoy. Below is a list of various foods you can try out when you find yourself in the Queen’s country.

Full Breakfast Meal

You read that right. It is as mighty and regal as the name implies. What makes up a full traditional breakfast meal are eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, sausages, blood pudding, potatoes, and toasts. It is a very healthy meal that’s popular across Wales, England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Some people serve it on weekends, though it is an all-day cuisine and can substitute for lunch. And as the name implies, “Full breakfast meal” means the breakfast is full of fresh foods. This meal goes well with a cup of tea served in fine china.

Cornish Pasties

Easily one of the most popular British delicacies is Cornish pasties by post that offer you a filling, tasty pastry that is packed with beef, vegetables, onions that keeps your taste buds satisfied.

In recent times, the Cornish pasty is no longer a food enjoyed by the miners but one of the nation’s favorite and easy go-to snacks. The secret to knowing an authentic Cornish pasty must follow some specifications, including having no other type of meat except beef, sliced or diced potato, turnip, and onion. The catch for the pasty, it does not contain over-processed ingredients. They must all be raw.

Fish And Chips

You are probably skeptical of the combo, but it is a terrific meal. Fish and chips is a food that’s quite popular and liked by everyone, but if you feel otherwise about it, you are probably doing it wrong or not getting the recipe right.

When made correctly, fish and chips are a fantastic meal, but unfortunately, even some high-brow restaurants still don’t get it right. One piece of advice here is to look out for reviews and do some research to avoid being disappointed.

It doesn’t have to be eaten at a fancy restaurant. Just make sure you get your fish and chips where you get value for your money, and your tongue blesses you for it.

Bangers And Mash

This is one of the most straightforward homemade meals in the UK and gives you a satisfying feeling. This is particularly true if you add some creamy or cheesy mash, and you can touch it up with a bit of butter when you are served. 

If you decide to visit a friend and you are served bangers and mash, make it a point to add the butter to it yourself as your host may not be able to add the correct quantity that will be perfect for your tastebuds.

Roast Dinner 

This simple food gained popularity because of a tradition of leaving the food in the oven to cook while the family worshiped in church on Sundays. Today, Roast dinner is still an essential part of British life, with close to one-fifth of the people gladly sitting down to munch on Roast dinner every Sunday.

To get one is not far-fetched. Almost all traditional pubs will have a roast dinner menu ready on a Sunday, and recently, it is more than just beef and dripping. It comes with more condiments like mint sauce, apple sauce, or red currant jelly. If you plan to eat out, make sure you do a little research to get the best roast dinner around your location.

Welsh Cakes 

These are such a delight. You might want to try some. They aren’t just dessert food you would take after a meal, but just munching on the cake with a cup of tea is a delight that your taste bud should not miss out on. 

There you have it. Six sumptuous meals up there that you can’t afford to miss when you are in the UK. You should try one, two, or all of it.