Young T & Bugsey admit “there is a barrier we need to break” to get respect for their music


Young T & Bugsey have admitted that “there is a barrier we need to break” in order to get respect for their music.

Speaking to Chuckie on the latest drop of JD’s In the Duffle Bag podcast, the hip hop duo from Nottingham revealed that they don’t believe they currently get the recognition that they deserve.

Young T said: “A lot of people say that we don’t (get more respect) – a lot of people say that we should be bigger than we are.”

Bugsey added: “I still think there is a barrier we need to break – that’s all I think it is.

“I think the people who know music who’ve been taking in this UK thing respect us and give us our flowers.

“A lot of man who I wouldn’t even think would listen to man have come up and been like (claps hands) do you know what I mean on an actual music thing which is something we actually take pride in.

“I feel like there is a barrier we still need to peak over to get our full respect that I feel we are due.

“I don’t think this is something that’s on our minds oh when you going to do this, it’s more of a it’s coming.

“It’s just about keep on doing what we’re meant to be doing and staying true to that because it’s going to show.”

The pair dropped their first single Glistenin’ back in 2016 and have gone on to release a further 16 singles, as well as one mixtape – Plead the 5th.

Their highest-charting song, Strike ft. Aitch, reached nine in the UK Singles Chart.

Not every drop has hit the heights they would hope, however, and when asked which song they thought would have performed better, Bugsey replied: “Again, we feel like Again would do more.

“I feel like it had all the minerals of a good song, like it is a good song init (sic).

“With us yeah I feel like we have had the luxury of the slow grind and the slow come up.

“It’s like we’ve experienced a lot of hurdles, if that makes sense, so we’ve experienced a lot of releasing music and it hasn’t been the one.

“We’ve experienced getting signed from young and then you’re kind of at a label for time and you can’t really release music how you want to release music – we’ve experienced the nos.

“When our music drops now, it’s not even a thing where it’s got to do this, it’s got to do that because we are only releasing music that we feel is good.

“For us, the main goal is releasing music that’s good so that all our catalogue is just good music; regardless if this one does that or that one does that, it’s a good song so that catalogue is just strong regardless.”

“Now we want to do a tour or whatever, five or ten years down the line we’ve got a strong set does that make sense and I feel like that’s how we approach the releasing music.

“We don’t do it on it’s got to go number one, if it has the minerals to go number one cool, it might just go number 10, you can’t ever gauge it.

“You never know if it’s going to go crazy so I feel like with us it’s all about whether it’s a good song.”