Youssef Amir overcomes his “perfectionist mentality” to launch Udefy online

  • Professional fitness trainer and massage therapist, Youssef Amir, launches his business, Udefy online after allegedly defeating the spirit of inconsistency

Youssef Amir is the founder of Udefy, a fitness outfit he created after his poor posture led him to enroll in a gym. At the initial stage of the business, Youssef struggled with several challenges, including self-doubt and comparing himself with others. The massage therapist has become increasingly popular in recent times, and his business particularly blossomed after increasing his presence on social media.

As an individual struggling with self-doubt, Youssef Amir was inconsistent, to say the least. However, he was able to break the yoke and eventually launched himself as a brand in the industry. “I made a name for myself in the fitness industry when I decided to step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there on social media,” said Youssef Amir.

At first, it was very difficult to talk to a camera and try to make a point across. I also struggled with consistency. But hey, I got used to being on camera the more I practiced and it wasn’t until I went all in on my content game when I actually started building a following. As my content got more discovered, I began receiving DMs from people all around the world who wanted to train with me online. If you do the right thing every day and help people achieve their goals, word of mouth travels. Focusing on something and getting really good at it has also helped me build a name for myself,” Youssef continued.

According to Youssef Amir, going on social media was not the easiest of tasks as his desire to create the perfect content made it more difficult for him to start. “The number one thing that held me back from putting out content on social media was that I was, at first, always trying to perfect my content. I would freeze in front of the camera trying to say something perfectly, or get caught up in how the lighting didn’t look as professional in my videos, etc. Perfection can be very crippling. Instead of trying to perfect on the short-term, I now try to perfect as I go (long-term). This is how I’ve built consistency,” said Youssef Amir.

Youssef Amir has grown to become one of the most sought-after trainers globally, with tons of people learning from his unique fitness training.