10 Practical Ideas – for Promoting a Small Business Locally


All business ventures are started with the idea to grow, to be known in not just their locality, but far and beyond. Every company dreams of that day when the people would be able to identify the brand by merely looking at the logo. While these goals can be challenging, these are not impossible.

Further, while one might still reach the goal of earning the name, maintaining the title in the locality is equally essential. There are straightforward and practical ideas, which if adopted and implemented correctly, can take the business places. Here are about ten such schemes that can help you plan and reach the right people at the right time

  1. Branding: First and foremost, identify your service area and do it right. Once you get this right, look into the branding. While deciding on a brand name and logo, keep in mind what the service offering is and how the people would perceive the branding. You can also generate a survey on online feedback platforms, such as Helpfull, and get thousands of suggestions.
  2. Keep it simple, yet close to your customer’s heart to make the right impact. The name must also depict the services you offer. Once you have zeroed in on a brand name, reinforce it right everywhere possible – your store, packaging, store windows, emails, crockery, flyers, ads. A great way to propagate the brand name is for people working for it to use the commodities or products they sell or even around with them wherever they go. The more the eyeballs, the better recollection the brand can create.
  1. Create a digital Presence: Today’s world is operating on mobile phones. Getting your digital presence at the earliest is critical. Not only should one have a website with all the services mentioned here, but the site should also be mobile responsive. See if the customer could transact online itself. The convenience of time-saving is much appreciated by customers today. However, while creating a digital presence, do remember to engage with the visitors regularly, ensure the page is clutter free and use simple words so everyone can understand. Do not a hard-sell, however, to ensure there is gentle nudge to make your brand name known!
  1. Offer in-store pickup: While targeting local customers, it would make an even more significant impact if you provide them an option to pick-up the delivery directly from the store, helping them with reduced wait-time and unnecessary cost of shipping. This is also another opportunity to showcase everything you offer and try and upsell your services.
  1. Get a Google listing and search engine optimization done: Creating a website alone will not help you spread the name. It is equally important to be highlighted when someone searches for services related to what you offer. SEO and listing on Google and other online business directories help in reaching the right audience when they are searching for your services. Local SEO services can help you in optimizing your listing to ensure you get prioritized in your local directory searches. With other services like competition analysis, technical website audit, keyword research and google my business optimization, besides others, they could help you with this journey of digitization. Also, be a part of any other local online directory you can find.
  1. Use your current customer list: Remember, it is challenging to get a new customer; however, very easy to convert an existing one to revisit you. Please make it a habit to make a list of all customers who visit you and make use of their email addresses smartly. Try and keep these engagements informative, not sales oriented.
  1. Participate in local trade shows and events: If local area promotion is what is in your mind, be a part of as many local events as possible. Various trade shows and events organized in your area are an excellent window to interact with your customers. While here, ensure you take help from other service providers like Fret-free productions and other exhibition stand builders of London to ensure your branding is up and gets maximum eyeballs in the busy exhibition area.
  1. Work with local Media: Radio, TV, and newspapers are still a powerful medium to reach out to the audience in your locality. This need not be through direct advertisement channels. You could even get your presence here through a small write-up about something different you offer, or any charitable event you are supporting, etc. Be innovative and use these communicators in your locality smartly.
  1. Collect reviews and respond to them: It is one thing to ask the customers to fill surveys; however, if you do not respond to them, the customer too would lose interest. Remember, the customer has taken the time to interact with you about your brand.
  1. Host events: Be a gracious host to your customers. They love attention too. Find reasons to host customers at your place, your anniversaries, Customer days, or any other fancy reason, celebrate it.
  1. Give back: Of all the things one does, what gets remembered is what you give back, without any expectation of getting something out of it. You are because of the locality, give back to the local area through social exchanges, initiatives, etc.

While all these are great ways to get your local presence up, the core is always your service and how good you are at customer delight. Happier customers will lead to a happy business.