24-year-old London entrepreneur starts female-led influencer agency to help creatives achieve their potential


A young London entrepreneur has created a female-led influencer agency that puts content creation first.

Anastasia Cecchetto, originally from Russia, founded Ace Influencers to empower real connections between people and content creators – ensuring that the content speaks to them.

“I was raised in Amsterdam with parents from both Russian and Italian heritage, so I’ve always been exposed to new cultures,” the 24-year-old said.

“After moving to London and New York to study acting, I developed a passion for directing and writing. Bringing all my passions together I gained particular interest in combining traditional production methods with influencer marketing, that is how the idea for Ace Influencers was born.

“After graduating in 2018, I experimented with personal training and marketing but I kept being drawn back to storytelling and content. Working on other people’s visions was never an option, I wanted to pursue my own ventures and business – hoping to inspire young women in the future to do the same.”

Realising she just couldn’t work for anyone else, Anastasia decided to do something for herself in February 2020.

“Having worked as a micro-influencer myself, I developed a wider understanding of all aspects of the industry,” she said. “It is still very much the wild west when it comes to influencer marketing and both brands and influencers often struggle to collaborate effectively. Influencers and content creators often don’t get paid what they deserve for the brilliant value they deliver and brands have to deal with the horrors of fake influencers, unposted content and unreliable timelines.

“I created Ace Influencers to pave the way for influencers to thrive in brand collaborations and create content that they truly stand in the most authentic way. We believe that real connections lead to real conversions and we strive to give the best results to brands while providing influencers with the best possible environment to work in.

“On top of this, 84% of influencers are women – making it one of the few careers dominated by successful women. Hence, it makes sense that also our agency is a female-led business.”

Almost a year after its conception, the end of 2020 saw the agency officially launch – made up of expert marketers, content creators, strategists and social media gurus, all working to help brands tell their stories and create powerful connections with their audience.

“I initially used my own contacts to reach out and gain a client basis but now we receive hundreds of applications every month,” Anastasia said. “I wanted to create a platform where content creators could truly thrive and explore their passion for story-telling just as I did.”